Ben Fogle dedicates Mount Everest climb to memory of stillborn son

Mike P Williams
Ben Fogle journeyed to the summit of Everest to raise environmental awareness. (Instagram)

TV’s Ben Fogle has dedicated his charity mountain climb up Everest to his stillborn son.

The adventurer conquered the demanding test of making it to the top of Everest on Wednesday, as he touchingly dedicated the challenge to the memory of his stillborn child, Willem Fogle, as he announced reaching the summit and the dedication on Instagram.

Each of his posts pack a lot of detail, explaining his journey and the difficulties and inspirations behind it.

‘It gives me so much happiness to share this journey with so many others,’ one of his posts read.

‘I don’t feel alone here. Never. There is a spirituality but I can also feel the support and the love here on Instagram. There have been so many lovely messages. I am sorry that I haven’t been able to reply to you all but I promise you I read your messages and once this adventure is over I will endeavour to reply to you all.

‘There is one person in particular for whom this journey is dedicated. A little boy called Willem Fogle. He was my little son. Stillborn at 8 months. A little boy I never got to know. A little life that never got to live. A breath that was never exhaled. His loss changed our lives and I think about him daily. Losing my little boy made me reevaluate life.

‘Not only do we hold our two beautiful children closer to us but it was a reminder to live life for the now. Don’t waste it. Cradling little Willem to say goodbye, I made a promise to him to live my life brightly. To embrace everyday. To always smile. To be positive and to inspire.

‘In some ways I am now living my life for two. Willem is always there. I think he is my guardian angel here. There is one particular star that shines brighter. It draws my attention. It reflects off the snow and ice. I feel so lucky. I will never take life for granted but above all I’ll never be alone #everest2018′

The star’s touching tribute resonates with his fans, as he went on to document the rest of his journey and achievement on his personal Instagram, with a collection of vlogs and stunning photos from the climb.

He also shared an image of a child’s toy that he carried with him on his ascent, given to him by telling his 91,000 followers about its origins: ‘The most important photo. My children’s Panda and carrot that hitchhiked to the roof of the world with me. #carrotandpanda #everest2018’.

Climbing Everest is no walk in the park, with Fogle beginning his challenge in April and having only just completed it.  In total, he travelled 8,848 metres (29,029 ft) up the mountain on the Nepal/Tibet border.

The news of the Countryfile presenter’s climb success was revealed by cycling Olympian Victoria Pendleton, who had been on the climb with Ben, until she was forced to pull out due to an oxygen deficiency.

Ben, Victoria, and mountaineer Kenton Cool all decided to tackle the mountain, along with the Red Cross, in order to raise awareness of the mountain’s environmental changes.

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