Benjamin Mendy told woman 'I'm going to kidnap you' before trying to rape her, court hears

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Benjamin Mendy arrives at Chester Crown Court - PA
Benjamin Mendy arrives at Chester Crown Court - PA

Benjamin Mendy, the Manchester City footballer, told a woman he wanted to “kidnap” her the night before he tried to rape her during her morning shower, a court has heard.

The French international, 28, made the comment during a night out in October 2020 before allegedly ambushing the woman after she stayed in a guest room at his mansion.

Mr Mendy is on trial at Chester Crown Court accused of eight counts of rape, one count of attempted rape and one count of sexual assault, relating to seven complainants. He denies the charges.

On Wednesday, jurors were shown the pre-recorded evidence of a woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, in which she accused Mr Mendy of coming “very close” to raping her on a bed.

She told a police officer that she had met Mr Mendy through a mutual friend when they were on holiday several years earlier and agreed to join them for a night out in Manchester.

The woman travelled to his mansion - called The Spinney - in rural Cheshire, ostensibly to meet a man who was a friend of Mr Mendy’s, the French footballer Diacko Fofana, before the group went on a night out.

In the bar, she said, Mr Mendy came up to her and said “I’m going to kidnap you”.

“I thought he was joking,” she told the police officer.

They all returned to Mr Mendy’s mansion after the night out and she shared a bedroom with Fofana, the court heard.

Louis Saha Matturie at Chester Crown Court - PA
Louis Saha Matturie at Chester Crown Court - PA

The next morning the woman went downstairs to find her phone and found Mr Mendy sitting on a sofa. She declined his offer to charge her phone in his bedroom, before returning upstairs for a shower.

“I thought everyone was downstairs and closed the bedroom door, I went into the shower and played music on my phone,” she told the police officer.

“The door was slightly ajar, I was completely nude.

“Out of nowhere, I saw [Mr Mendy] walking into the bathroom and I saw he was wearing boxers. He walked in and out of shock I said ‘you need to leave’. I saw him holding himself in his private area and I said ‘you need to leave’.”

She described how she managed to get out of the shower and wrap herself in a towel, but when she went to try to get her clothes, Mr Mendy was “following” her and snatched her underwear away.

‘I kept pushing him away, but he kept grabbing me back’

“I wouldn’t say he forced himself on me - climbing on top of me - but he kept forcing himself to see me, to take off my towel.

“I kept pushing him away, but he kept grabbing me back. He sat on the bed, then he pulled me down on top of him.”

She added: “I just kept trying to push him away, he kept pulling me down. He took off his boxers and he had his penis near, it almost penetrated.

“He said ‘I just want to feel you’. He got very close.”

The woman added: “I was thinking, ‘where are his friends? Why is no-one here? Should I scream? What am I going to do?’.”

Mr Mendy told the woman “you don’t have to be scared, I’m not going to hurt you”, she claimed in her interview with police.

“I was confused, I couldn’t understand why,” she said.

“He had such a pretty girl with him the night before, she was so lovely. I don’t know what happened to her. I didn’t know why he wanted me too.”

‘I just tried to struggle with him’

She continued: “I was thinking, ‘do the people in his house know what is happening?’, ‘would it make any difference if I said anything?’ - I just tried to struggle with him.”

She eventually managed to get away from Mr Mendy and got dressed, but was forced to wait for his driver to take her away from the property as she could not get a taxi, the court heard.

The woman did not report him to the police until January 2022 following news reports that Mr Mendy had been charged with unrelated counts of rape.

In total, Mr Mendy and Louis Saha Matturie are alleged to have committed offences against 13 women.

The offences involving Mr Mendy are alleged to have taken place between October 2018 and August last year, including three alleged rapes in the space of 24 hours in July 2021.

His co-defendant, Louis Saha Matturie, 40, of Eccles, Salford, denies eight counts of rape and four counts of sexual assault relating to eight young women. The alleged offences span July 2012 to August last year.

The trial continues.