Best ab machines for home tried and tested

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If gym membership is too pricey, or at-home-workouts are more convenient and fit in better with your lifestyle and needs, you can still train up your core to get that six-pack you’ve been dreaming of in no time.

From ab rollers to benches, high-tech belts to whole-body training machines, there are all sorts of home equipment and tools out there, and many with affordable price tags. Choosing the right one for you is the only hard part – how much space do you have? What’s your budget? How much time do you have? We’ve given you a head start and done some of the scouring for you below.

How to choose an ab machine

  • How much space do you have? Choose appropriately – they come in all shapes and sizes. Many are also foldable/simple to dismantle so storing them away is easy.

  • What you want your machine to do? Toned abs is the desired end result, but many also incorporate other areas of your body. Choose a larger multifunctional machine if you’re wanting more of a full-body workout, from your legs through to your arms, chest and back.

  • Fitness level: Make sure you choose an ab machine which is suitable for your fitness level and ability. The more confident you are with the machinery, the more productive and effective the workout will be.

Meet your ab muscles

  • Rectus Abdominis: The ‘six pack’. The long flat muscle from the ribs to the pelvis.

  • Transversus Abdominis: The deepest layer of ab muscles wrapped around the waist to support your spine.

  • External obliques: The outer layer on each side of the rectus abdominis, running diagonally downwards.

  • Internal obliques: Underneath the external ones, a pair of deep muscles running diagonally up your sides.

Benefits of ab workouts

  • Strengthens and tones your core

  • Improves overall posture and balance

  • Improves performance in other exercise and sports

  • Reduces lower-back pain

Now see our pick of the best ab machines to sculpt you into shape…

WonderCore 2 Home Multi Gym

Target your upper, lower and middle abs (along with your glutes, obliques, triceps, biceps, chest and back) using WonderCore’s multifunctional 12-in-1 ab sculpting system - and you’ll have a pro gym-level piece of kit in the comfort of your own home.

The durable steel construction has dual resistance, a built-in twisting seat to help tighten your waistline, and an ergonomic back design. Use for leg extensions, bench presses, leg, chest, and shoulder presses and get toned and strengthened all over, then simply fold away for easy storage. Training and exercise guides included, plus there’s a Wondercore workout DVD to keep you motivated.

Buy now £100.00, Argos

Gymshark Ab Roller

Roll out and engage your entire core using Gymshark’s slick ab roller. Using the handles (which are padded for extra comfort), move in a back-and-forth motion across a hard floor to strengthen your abdominal muscles with this nifty workout.

The roller has grooved wheels for floor gripping and is nice and compact to pack away once finished using it. A reasonable option which doesn’t take up much space (or break the bank). Trust us, it’s much harder than it looks.

Buy now £18.00, Gymshark

Adidas Performance Ab Bench

Build a strong core and improve your range of motion with ab-focused exercises on Adidas’ designated Ab bench. Cushioned with a thick foam padding, lie back on the sit-up bench, lock your legs in place using the foam-padded anchors and engage your abdominal muscles with a series of movements. Use the ‘Scan to Train’ QR code to link to full workout videos for inspiration.

Buy now £114.99, Decathalon

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Roller

Activate your abdominal muscles with Perfect Fitness’ roller – the interior kinetic steel spring provides a built-in resistance on your roll-out, instantly waking up your body and putting it to work.

It features an ultra-wide wheel to ensure stability during your workout and has handy removable handles for easy storage. A great addition to your at-home gym equipment to create visible results of definition in your arms and abs. Get ready to feel the burn.

Buy now £50.48, Amazon

Core Max Smart Abs and Total Body Workout Cardio Home Gym

Get washboard abs using Core Max’s efficient machine, designed to combine just eight muscle-burning exercises in less than ten minutes a day. Choose from one of the three resistance levels and customise your routine to suit you – the dual-action resistance will help burn calories and tone up your muscles in no time. Fold away easily and use daily for optimum results.

Buy now £100.85, Amazon

Domyos Ergonomic Abs Exerciser 500

Make your ab workout more comfortable with this ergonomic headrest and mat to support your neck and back during the different movements.

Extend your legs and grab hold of the arms to crunch more efficiently, avoiding any unnecessary aches and pains. Your training will feel more focused and your abs will feel it, there’s no doubt about that! Store away in a cupboard or even under your bed thanks to its compact design with hinged arms.

Buy now £29.99, Decathalon

BangTong&Li Power Tower Dip Station

Get physical on this multi-functional power tower and watch your core get strengthened and tightened. With a heavy-duty steel base for stability and sturdiness, there are four different workout stations to use on this machine. Rotate between the overhead handles to the lower handles (for pull-ups and push-ups) and the horizontal handles to the vertical handles (for dips and leg raises).

Each handle and handrail is coated in high-density foam rubber, making them non-slip and comfortable. There are six adjustable heights to alter the frame too, so it is suitable for any size exerciser.

Buy now £118.00, Amazon

Gymform Ab Celerate Abdominal Training Machine

Suitable for all ages and fitness levels, get ab crunching, leg lifting and oblique twisting with this whole-body training machine, targeting all muscle groups with a toning workout.

Train regularly and your core will be left rock solid and strong. Try upping the intensity as you become more of a pro by using the different resistance levels. It comes complete with an extensive guide to help you get the best from your workouts.

Buy now £78.99, Amazon

Ab-Rocket Twister Abdominal Trainer

Save the pennies on a gym membership with this ab trainer in a funky red hue that will help you in your journey to defined abs. Pivot your body as you move back and forth in a crunching motion, or twist and turn in the rotating seat for full training of your entire core. Choose between three levels of resistance (low, medium, high) and your neck and back will always be supported to minimise sprain. Fold away for hassle-free storage.

Buy now £24.99, Amazon

H&S Ab Abdominal Exercise Roller

Whip your abs into shape with this Amazon top choice roller – rock backwards and forwards and you may just let out a scream in the process. The dual glide wheels will help maintain your balance while moving and strengthening your arms and core. The foam knee pad included will protect your legs from any damage or injuries. A great option for those on the move with its compact and lightweight design that make it portable and travel-friendly.

Buy now £9.99, Amazon

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