Top-rated teeth whitening products to try at home

Maisie Bovingdon
Shopping writer

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We’ve all tried whitening our teeth at home at some point, right?

Whether it be trying to do it au naturel with baking soda, buying whitening strips or a fancy new toothpaste, we all want a professional-looking bright white smile without the hefty price tag.

But, with so many products available it’s difficult to decide which one to buy, and what actually works.

We’ve searched high and low to find the top-rated at-home whitening products to suit all budgets.

While they may not give you a full-on Hollywood smile (as that’s rather unrealistic), these products may indeed make your teeth a few shades closer.

5 top-rated teeth whiteners to use at home

Teeth Whitening Strips with Activated Charcoal | £14.99 (Was £19.99) from Pro Teeth Whitening Company

The Pro Teeth Whitening Company’s strips are a quick and effective way to achieve a whiter and brighter smile.

Simply apply the strips, which contain activated charcoal but are free from peroxide and fluoride, on your teeth for 30 mins to notice the difference.

The pack contains 28 strips, with a set for the top and bottom to last two weeks, although some customers noticed a difference in under that time frame and praised it as an “excellent product”.

Teeth Whitening Kit | £49 from HiSmile

This celebrity-loved brand comes complete with a retainer, a small LED light and whitening gel, which claims to remove any stains or discolouration on your teeth in just six days - without damaging the enamel.

Simply fit the retainer to the lamp, then fill with the whitener, which is free from peroxide, and fit to your teeth for 10 minutes.

This kit has received glowing reviews from customers, with one writing: “This stuff actually works, and doesn't hurt my enamel like other products. Really easy to use, would recommend 10/10!”

Teeth Whitening Gel Pen | £14.89 from Bestope

For those looking for a precise teeth whitener, the Bestope gel pens are a popular choice with customers, and have received almost 1500 five star reviews.

The pack comes with five pens that remove stains on the teeth, all of which can be used at least 20 times by simply brushing the whitening formula on the teeth.

One review read: “Absolutely amazing! Huge difference in first use”, while other customers vowed to buy the product again.

Twin Pack 3D White Luxe Glamorous White Toothpaste | £5.71 (Was £10) from Crest

Crest are another leading teeth whitening brand customers rely on to brighten their pearly whites, with one customer praising the toothpaste as a “miracle” product.

Customers can buy the affordable whitening toothpaste, mouthwash, as well as Crest whitening strips to get rid of surface stains on the teeth.

Pronamel Gentle Whitening Mint Toothpaste | £1.98 from Sensodyne

Sensodyne’s Pronamel Gentle Whitening Toothpaste is an affordable buy for those looking to get a whiter smile, as it ticks all the boxes.

This creation not only whitens teeth, but protects the enamel, and provides cavity protection for healthier teeth.

Shoppers are head over heels with this bargain buy, as one customer claimed they had instantly brighter teeth & fresh breath”, after using it.

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