Best and worst of UK Internet speeds revealed

Halesworth, Suffolk has been named as Britain’s slowest area to surf the Web.

At an average of just 0.128Mb/s, it would take residents of Mount Pleasant, Halesworth 48 hours to download an online movie – 53 times slower than the national average. Parts of West Sussex town Horsham have similarly slow Internet speeds of 0.134Mb/s, making music downloads an arduous task as times can stretch to around 90 minutes per track.

Leamington Spa has the fastest connection speeds in the UK, at over 18.8Mb/s – research conducted by found. Southern parts of England performed poorly in the tests as West Sussex and Hampshire accounted for a quarter of the UK’s 20 slowest broadband street speeds.

“While many areas of the country are already benefiting from the considerable investment into super-fast fibre optic networks, our research highlights the plight of households at the other end of the spectrum,” said Ernest Doku, technology expert at

“What is particularly interesting is that many of the streets that feature in the list aren’t in the far-flung countryside, but rather in more urban areas, nearer to exchanges and where we would expect to see higher download speeds across the board”.

The following tables show the 10 best and worst places to surf in the web in Britain.

Worst ranked Internet speeds

Best ranked Internet speeds