Best Christmas food hampers for 2022: Fortnums, Selfiridges, M&S and more

 (Panzer’s )
(Panzer’s )

It’s not an over-exaggeration to say that the gift of a Christmas hamper is one that’s universally, unequivocally, adored.

No matter who you are, or what Christmas means to you, a basket on the verge of bursting with goodies will always be welcomed with open arms. Better yet if those goodies happen to be things you can eat or drink.

Whether you’re struggling to think of the perfect gift for someone special, want an indulgent treat to spoil deserving friends, or just like the idea of a lavish, abundant treat that the entire family can tuck into together on December 25, the gift of a foodie hamper always pays off.

This year the selection is bigger, badder, and tastier than ever, with more retailers launching festive bundles of joy. There’s something for everyone, every taste, and every budget, from cases of premium gin, and stacked parcels of chocolate to F&M-stamped baskets packed to the wicker rafters with festive fare.

Vegan Christmas hampers have had an impressive upgrade and are now more indulgent than ever, while there are plenty of teetotal packages for merrymakers who don’t drink.

And, it’s key to note, they’re not all wildly expensive either - good news with the headlines as they are. With options galore across the scale, we’re confident you’ll find a Christmas hamper that won’t burn a hole in your finances.

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that the end of the year is the time to stuff ourselves silly with the nicest, tastiest morsels around, guilt-free (that’s what January’s penance is for).

Eat, drink, and be merry with our edit of the best Christmas hampers for 2022 below.

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Selfridges Selection The Christmas Feast Hamper

Best for: glad tidings galore

If Christmas isn’t the time to overdo it, when is? Gather your favourite faces and prepare to dive headfirst into the very best of Selfridges Foodhall with this epic 34-piece compilation spotlighting the finest festive fare. It’s all here in decadent style: from silky smoked salmon for Christmas morning, to a Wiltshire ham to add to your December 25 lunch, along with plenty of preserves and condiments to take the most special lunch of the year up a level.

There’s also sweet treats aplenty (think large mince pies, an iced Christmas cake that’s been slowly maturing for six months, and Stollen bits, plus plenty more to keep your dentist up at night) as well as savoury items - stonking huge cheeseboard, anyone? - and plenty of plonk to see you through to New Year’s Eve.

In fact, get this hamper and the only thing left to buy on the Christmas shopping list will be the turkey itself.

It is on the pricier end of the scale, so those looking for a less extravagant indulgence can find the scaled-back but still utterly fabulous Mini Classic Christmas hamper for £85. It’s packed with sweet treats including a traditional Christmas Pud.

Buy now £500.00, Selfridges

Dukeshill The Box of Delights Hamper

Best for: gourmet feasting

Royal warrant-holder Dukeshill describes itself as a champion of the artisan, and one peek instead its generous Box of Delights hamper proves that it’s true.

If you’re looking to make an impression, this hamper is the one. It’s stuffed to the wicker gills with fine foods, from crackers for cheese, pots of festive condiments (think Piccalilli and Boxing Day chutney) as well as huge slabs of cheese to make the Christmas cheeseboard of dreams.

While many hampers are packed with luxe versions of larder favourites, Dukeshill takes it one tasty step further in this bundle: there’s also a huge 2kg boneless Wiltshire ham that’s ready to eat (also freezable), a packet of hot smoked salmon and a tall jar of Chicken Liver Pâté, pimped up for the season with an indulgent glug of port.

On the sweet side, expect parcels of mince pieces, crumbly shortbread, chocolates and Turkish Delight, and of course, a 1kg classic Christmas Pudding. Oh, and there’s a bottle of bubbles, obviously.

It’s essentially your Christmas feast; just add turkey and sprouts. Whether you’re hoping to impress the in-laws or you want to treat a friend with a very special gift indeed, this hamper won’t fail to get the desired reaction - unadulterated glee.

Buy now £250.00, Dukeshill

The Fortnum’s Classic Christmas Hamper

Best for: indulgence fit for a king

If you’ve never tried a Fortnum’s hamper before, Christmas is the best time to do it.

The luxury grocer packs the very best of its incredible food hall into this huge hamper which holds 11 gourmet items designed to bring a sparkle to Christmas Day.

Once you’ve heaved it indoors (be warned, it will take two of you), flip open the F&M-stamped treasure chest to find enough festive fare to see you through well into the New Year. There’s pretty tins of tea and a selection of biscuits to dunk into your brew, plus festive preserves, pickles for Boxing Day sarnies, cognac butter to melt onto desserts and three bottles of wine: sparkling, red and white to pair with every course in your special lunch. There’s also a St James Christmas Pudding to share with loved ones.

There are dozens of F&M hamper and food gift box options, from a seriously splurgey £6000 to a pleasing £45, so you should be able to find the perfect bundle of joy, whatever your budget.

Buy now £200.00, Fortnum & Mason

Harvey Nichols Snowed In Hamper

Best for: giving your Christmas hosts

There’s no guarantee of a white Christmas this year, but just in case, Harvey Nichols has the hamper to see you through any potential flurries.

Packed with a selection of 14 indulgent snacky bits, the Snowed In Hamper is a smart black wicker basket filled with goodies like hot chocolate, spiced tea, a Chocolate & Amaretti Panettone, shortbread and spicy Naughty Nibbles. Oh, and three bottles of wine to wash it all down with; one Champagne, a white and a red.

In short, everything you could possibly need to stay fed and watered until well into January. It’s an incredible gift for someone special or to take your hosts if you’re spending Christmas away from home this year.

Buy now £195.00, Harvey Nichols

Panzer’s The Christmas Connoisseur hamper

Best for: Christmas Day, boxed

The legendary north-west London deli doesn’t do hampers in wicker baskets but instead in easily recyclable boxes in its signature spruce green, and expertly hand-tied with a pink and green ribbon. We’re not complaining; we can’t see it getting any reaction other than a wide, Cheshire-cat grin. And with good reason, the quality and taste of Panzer’s food draws in crowds from all over the country.

For Christmas, there are six hampers to order, ranging in price from £69 to £525 in the appropriately-named Going Overboard hamper. The Christmas Connoisseur gets our vote thanks to its list of contents which include a packet of Panzer’s Smoked Salmon (we’ll save it for Christmas breakfast), cheese and port, Christmas cake for after lunch, and nuts and chocolate to nibble at afterwards. We’ll be impressed if you can move a muscle afterwards.

Buy now £165.00, Panzer’s

Melrose and Morgan The Chocolatier Chocolate Hamper

Best for: the picky sweet-toothed

North London’s premium grocer Melrose and Morgan is waiting to help you have your tastiest Christmas yet with its 2022 hamper offering. Everything from a fine cheese selection to a craft beer and pickles hamper is on the menu, but we say it’s not Christmas unless Florentines of some description are involved.

Find your choice of milk or dark chocolate ones nestled amongst other cocoa-encased treats in The Chocolatier Chocolate Hamper, which features bright packages of delicious confectionery as well as salted caramel almonds for an addictive crunch of salty and sweet.

Buy now £125.00, Melrose & Morgan

The Brindisa Foodie Box

Best for: discerning carnivores

Most meat-eaters will agree that there are few finer things to chomp than wafer-thin slices of Iberico jamon. Spanish company Brindisa is your best bet for slim packets of the decadent cured ham plus more gourmet treats from the Iberian peninsula.

It’s compiled a collection of delicious hampers including The Foodie Box, which has a pack of the Brindisa Ibérico Bellota hand carved ham along with authentic ingredients to help you whip up a Spanish culinary storm at home.

There’s also semi-cured Manchego cheese, Bomba paella rice from Tarragona, Brindisa saffron stamens, Brindisa Epic Judión dried butter beans, Alemany orange blossom honey, plump Perello Gordal olives, Valdespino Jerez cask aged sherry vinegar D.O.P., which has been aged for 8-10 years, and Nunez de Prado Unfiltered Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The hamper also includes The Missing Ingredient, a book by Jenny Linford, a must-read for any self-respecting foodie, and one that features many of the hamper’s ingredients in its recipes.

Buy now £105.00, Brindisa

The Goodies of Eataly hamper

Best for: having a Buon Natale

It’s no surprise that Italians go big on Christmas: think sharing mountains of Panettone on the table and plenty of great wine with which to wash down all that festive food. Thanks to Eataly, you can bring a slice of an Italian Christmas home without the effort and expense of getting on a flight.

Eataly’s Bishopsgate HQ is packed to the rafters with the finest food from the Mediterranean country, but its Goodies of Eataly hamper brings the best to your door, hassle free. There’s everything you could possibly need for the season, from packs of gourmet pasta to store cupboard essentials like extra virgin olive oil, pistachio chocolate, jars of rich ragu and caponata, not forgetting those Christmas must-haves: a classic panettone and a bottle of dry Ronco Belvedere Prosecco.

It’s the ultimate gift for an Italian food lover, whether that’s someone you know or yourself and won’t fail to bring your favourite faces together to break (some seriously tasty) bread.

It’s an impressive bundle and even more pleasing at under £100.

Buy now £99.90, Eataly

Virginia Hayward Alcohol Free Feast

Best for: headache-free indulgence

More people are choosing booze-free lifestyles beyond Sober October and Dry Jan. If you’re shopping for someone who’s given up the sauce, but still want to hand over an indulgent hamper, look to gift company Virginia Hayward.

Amongst its decent Christmas hamper offering you will find this alcohol-free feast, packed with so many treats they won’t even notice the omission of a bottle or two of plonk (though there is a tasty bottle of Belvoir Spiced Ginger Punch to enjoy). The balance of sweet and salty is perfection while orange packaging ties the look together nicely and reminds us of clementines, another Christmas staple.

Buy now £70.00, Virginia Hayward

The Dishoom Cookbook Hamper

Best for: Christmas with a kick

Yuletide fare: rich, decadent - and undeniably stodgy. While we’re not denying the gluttonous ecstasy of Christmas food, a bit of heat is needed to cut through the filling seasonal staples - and Dishoom has just the thing. It’s been offering parcels of tasty loveliness for home delivery since lockdown, and now we’re approaching the end of the year, there’s plenty of bundles ripe for gifting.

Best of them all is this hamper which includes a masala dabba (a cooking staple in every single Indian household the world over), a packet of Ural Dal to make the House Black Daal, a branded tote, a tea towel, and a jar of fiery Chilli Chutney to turbocharge leftover turkey sarnies.

As its name suggests the hamper also includes a cookbook to help recreate the legendary cafe’s best dishes at home.

Buy now £70.00, Dishoom

Lina Stores La Pasta Hamper

Best for: maintaining the Christmas high

So much hype is made over Christmas, little thought is given to that time between the 25th and New Year. A well-chosen hamper can add excitement to Twixtmas week, and Lina Stores has just the thing.

Its pasta hamper is one of the greatest gifts you can give to a carb lover; a pretty mint and white striped tote bag stuffed with three types of pasta, plus rich tomato sauces, anchovies, cheese for grating or shaving, extra virgin olive oil from Sicily and a packet of dried chilli flakes for some kick to hearty arrabiata dishes. Everything from the packaging to the ingredients is a class act.

Truly indulgent comfort food for the last week of the year.

Buy now £55.00, Lina Stores

Pipers Farm Christmas Cheese Box

Best for: glorious all day grazing

Put a smile on a turophile’s (that’s cheese lover) face this Christmas with a hamper packed with delicious cheeses. Pipers Farm has this hamper which has everything but the actual cheeseboard.

We’re talking five hunks of cheese - including a heavenly Stilton that just melts on the tongue - plus a jar of sweet onion marmalade and a packet of sourdough crackers.

If you agree with us that Christmas is a time for constant grazing, this indulgent cheese hamper offers the perfect spread to nibble throughout the festivities.

Buy now £43.00, Pipers Farm

Tracklements The Festive Four Gift Pack

Best for: making a meal of it

Condiments are the quickest way to turn an ordinary meal into an extraordinary one. If you know someone who has an entire kitchen cupboard dedicated to sauces, chutneys, relishes and the like (guilty), they’ll adore a fab four of festive additions to their collection.

Tracklements has this Christmassy collection to bring new levels of deliciousness to your festive dinner. The pack includes Sticky Fig Relish, Christmas Spice Chutney, Cranberry, Port & Orange Sauce, and Spiced Plum Chutney. You could slather this lot on cardboard and end up with a feast fit for a king.

Buy now £14.15, Tracklements