Best golf accessories for beginner golfers and higher handicappers

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With a sport as tough as golf, players need all the support they can get.

Once you’ve got the right clubs in your bag and clothes in the wardrobe, there are a host of gadgets and accessories out there which can add the finishing touches to your set up and help to improve your game.

Whether it be playing aids designed to guide players through their round, or unexpected additions to the kit bag that can give players a confidence boost when they need it most, there are countless golfing accessories on the market.

We tested out some of the best out there, perfect for players looking to give themselves every possible advantage in their pursuit of lower scores, and to help them feel great out on the course.

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Golf Buddy Aim W11 golf GPS watch

Once you get more serious in the game, a golf smartwatch can really help cut shots and reassure players during rounds. With a GPS functionality that tells users how far they are away from the front, back and middle of the green on every hole, the Golf Buddy Aim W11 golf GPS watch is one of the most dependable options out there.

It has an intuitive touch-screen, impressive battery life, feels durable and comes pre-loaded with 40,000 courses worldwide. It’s also one of the most stylish GPS golf watches out there with a ceramic bezel and two robust rubber straps.

Buy now £235.63, Amazon

Uther tropical holiday cart golf towel

A towel is an essential item in nearly all conditions on the course. Uther is a fashion-orientated gold brand which prioritises fun and flamboyance in their pieces and specialise in big, bold prints. This quirky offering is a good way to brighten up your golf bag.

It’s practical too. The waffle towel microfibre is absorbent and quick drying, and it looks the business clipped to your bag even on the greyest of days – keep your clubs in ship shape condition and introduce a splash of colour in the process.

Buy now £28.28, Amazon

GX Players Cabretta Glove three-pack

Premium gloves aren’t always all that affordable, but if you’re looking to treat yourself to a more top end one at a lower price point, GX is a great option.

The team at GX sell online, which means they can provide premium cabretta leather gloves for cheaper rates. The soft feel adds comfort and extra feel around the greens, as well as more breathability during more intensive rounds in the heat. They’re durable too, which means you won’t need to be replacing them too often.

Buy now £23.99, GX Golf

Shot Scope G3 GPS Golf watch

The Shot Scope G3 marks one of the more affordable golf GPS watches on the market, which is sure to appeal to beginners or higher handicappers looking to keep costs down.

The GPS signal is reliable, and provides distances to the front and back of hazards – ideal for players looking to manage the course as accurately as possible. It comes preloaded with over 36,000 courses around the world and free firmware updates are available.

It certainly helped us play with assurance when we tested it out and the intuitive app was easy to use too.

Buy now £109.99, Amazon

Putt Out starter studio

The putter is the club every player hits the most out on the course, but it’s probably the thing they practise the least. Up your game and trim your score with the Putt Out starter studio, featuring a premium matt and a putter trainer.

The mat offers true roll and a realistic feel, while the trainer gives an honest appraisal of every single putt – the ramp means that every putt is returned to the user the same distance it would have gone past the hole if it had missed. Stick it in the office or living room and you’ll be improving in no time.

Buy now £84.99, American Golf

Zoom Focus X Golf Laser Rangefinder

There are plenty of golfers out there who wouldn’t dream of heading out for a round without a rangefinder. Many players like the analogue approach that comes with them, as well as the assurance of the more timeless technology compared to GPS watches.

The laser precision of the Focus X makes it a very solid option, with the robust yet lightweight case clipping nicely onto the golf bag during rounds. The rangefinder offers six times magnification, flagpole scanning and an easily legible reader.

It has a key advantage over many GPS watches too, in that it allows players to adjust for slopes and contours, giving a more accurate reading on holes heading down or up hill. But bear in mind that while the Focus X is approved for tournament play, the Slope function must be switched off.

Buy now £169.00, Amazon

Bose Frames Tenor

The Bose Frames Tenor sunglasses have built in Bose Open Ear Audio design – meaning, basically, they act like headphones while simultaneously allowing users to be aware of their surroundings and hear what’s going on around them.

They’re perfect for wearing at the driving range in the sun, as you’re sure not to annoy the person in the next bay while playing music, and they won’t interfere with your swing either like headphones might.

They’re also ideal for solo rounds in the right circumstances. If you’re looking to listen to music, speakers aren’t ideal as they’ll annoy others on the course. But these glasses provide stimulation and still let you hear calls of ‘fore’ caused by other players’ errant tee shots. This is a seriously cool bit of kit.

Buy now £239.95, Bose

Torro leather golf scorecard holder

Even if your scores aren’t always perfect, you can make sure your scorecard holder is.

Scorecards can get scuffed up and damaged in the bag or a player’s pocket during rounds, but this leather holder keeps the card secure and looking stylish. There’s a magnetic closure to keep the holder shut too, and the elastic straps inside hold scorecards up to 18cm x 15cm.

Personalisation is also available, making this a nice gift idea for the golfer in your life.

Buy now £39.99, Amazon

Srixon AD333 balls

Once you get to a certain standard, you’ll end up losing far fewer balls per round – and that’s when it’s time to treat yourself to a ball that will perform well and improve both your distance off the tee and feel around the greens.

While premium balls can cost up to £50 for a set of 12, the Srixon AD333 is one of the best value for money balls at £22.99. It offers strong long game performance and still feels softer than most distance balls, all while representing good value for money.

Buy now £19.25, Amazon

Oakley Prizm Dark Golf sunglasses

It doesn’t get much better than playing golf on calm, sunny days, and these sports sunglasses from Oakley are designed with golfers in mind. The sleek but sturdy design looks great, and they’re available in a variety of bold colour combinations. There are practical advantages to wearing them too - the Prizm™ Lens Technology is designed to enhance color, and the contrast will help you pick out the ball during flight – and even assist you when looking for lost balls in the heavy rough, too.

It’s also made of a material that Oakley call Unobtainium®, which sounds like something from a superhero movie – again, something we’re fans of.

Buy now £140.00, Oakley

Manors leather driver headcover

Manors is one of the classiest fashion-conscious golf brands out there, and this driver headcover exudes quality.

The soft, supple English leather and simple, but aesthetic stitched logo design make it one of the most sophisticated finishing touches you can add to your golf bag. Every time you reach for the club, you’ll be reminded of its quality.

Buy now £90.00, Manors Golf

Ocean Tee premium castle tees

Cut out your use of disposable plastic with Ocean Tees, made from biodegradable bamboo and delivered in recyclable matchboxes. The brand just won a Global Good Award for their campaign to ban plastic tees, and when their products are this good, it’s not hard to see why.

The tees come in traditional long, short and castle variations and they’ll last you a long while given their durability. They’re affordable, dependable and environmentally conscious – what’s not to like?

Buy now £3.99, American Golf

Procella golf umbrella

British weather means that an umbrella is an essential bit of kit for playing in the UK. Procella make some of the most dependable options out there – ideal for taking shelter mid-round during sudden showers.

The large umbrellas are robust but lightweight, and made to withstand strong winds up to a bracing 46mph. You can feel the quality in the comfy grip, too, which is designed to prevent slipping in the hand. It’s reliable, rugged and well made – a great addition to your bag.

Buy now £31.49, Amazon

BIG MAX Dri-Lite Hybrid Tour bag

Second hand items and hand me downs definitely have their place in the golf game, and most players will likely start the sport with a tatty old bag handed down from friends or family members. But the bag itself is a good place to invest once you start taking things more seriously – after all, never underestimate the feeling of turning up at the course feeling good with a quality bit of kit over your shoulder, giving you that extra confidence.

Big Max are Continental Europe’s number one golf bag brand, and the Dri-Lite Hybrid Tour is one of the best options out there for golfers at any level. As the ‘hybrid’ in the name suggests, the rugged stand allows players to either carry the bag or attach it to a trolly.

It’s fully waterproof and generously sized, with five large water-repellent pockets adding great functionality and luxurious storage. It’s light at just 2kg and also full of nice touches, like a cooler pocket and glove, towel and umbrella holders.

Buy now £149.99, American Golf

Zippo HeatBank 9s rechargeable hand warmer

Cold hands can have a hugely detrimental effect during winter rounds, killing touch around the greens and hampering performance. But it doesn’t have to be an issue.

The Zippo HeatBank keeps your hands toasty, and will sit nicely in pockets during colder temperature games. It’s better for the environment than disposable plastic and gel hand warmers too, with the rechargeable 5200 mah lithium-ion battery lasting up to nine hours at a time. It fits ergonomically into the hand, comes with six different heat settings and has a handy USB output which allows you to recharge other devices on the go.

Buy now £39.95, Zippo

Garmin Approach S12

Garmin is one of the strongest players in the golf smartwatch game, and the S12 is an impressive option for people looking to take their game a step further.

While the company’s other products like the Approach S62 will set you back nearly £500, the S12 is a more wallet-friendly price of £179.99. And you get a lot of bang for your buck.

The device is loaded with a whopping 42,000 courses and offers easily readable distances to the front, middle and back of the green, with a hi-res screen which handles sunlight glare well.

People looking to bank their scores and shave shots off their handicap can keep track of their rounds on the watch and upload to the easy to use Garmin Golf app. The watch also comes with excellent battery life lasting up to 30 hours, so you don’t have to charge it before every round.

Buy now £179.99, Garmin

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