Best small fans to beat the heat

Jessica Reynolds, Abha Shah
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Best small fans to beat the heat

Inexpensive and lightweight, a handheld fan is as crucial a hot weather item as sun cream and sandals.

Make sure you stay prepared this summer or risk the dreaded morning melt — we're looking at you Central line.

These little beauties can sit discreetly on your desk or in a drawer or in your bag, ready and waiting to provide instant relief at a moment's notice. A godsend for packed tube journeys and bus rides, they also prove useful on lazy summer afternoons in the park, when it seems even the breeze has packed up and gone on holiday.

Make sure you stay as cool as a cucumber, and ahead of the game, by buying your - in-stock - fanning device today.

Vision Tech Handheld fan

Best for: power and practical features

Stand it, clip it, hang it or hold it — this is the best all-rounder we found for 2019. Chargeable by both standard battery and USB, the practicality of that pairing cannot be understated.

Giving you an instant breeze of up to three metres using a durable brushless motor, you can also clip this fan to the inside of a tent or use the metal stand to adjust the angle. It's one of the best rated handheld fans on Amazon for a good reason: it works and works well. Available in five colours.

£10.88 | Amazon | Buy it now

Delicacy Mini Handheld Fan

Best for: the most adorable breeze in town

This USB charged fan also doubles as a night light with a petite stature of 5.5 inches. While we can't foresee a scenario where you would need a torch at the park, we can see this fan being especially useful for children whist travelling.

£13.99 | Amazon | Buy it now

Toyuugo Mini Handheld Fan

Best for: hand-to-desk fan

With a foldable handle design, this travel friendly fan can also be adjusted into a small desk fan. The rechargeable battery works on all USB-enabled devices and will last anywhere between two and nine hours depending on the speed setting. We think it's best for commuting and weekdays when you'll need it in sporadic bursts and can charge it at your desk.

Available in blue, black, white and pink.

£11.99 | Amazon | Buy it now

Aviski rechargeable handheld fan

Best for: Good looks + strong breeze

If Nordic fashion did handheld fans this one would be right at home. Good looks aside, this is a powerful fan for such a small package. Here's why we love it: the non-slip base means you can use it as a desk fan, it has its own lanyard hole, so you can hang the fan while camping or anytime you need to be hands-free.

Rechargeable by USB, there is a helpful indicator light when the fan is fully charged or running low. There is also a useful safety lock so the fan won't switch on in your bag mid-commute. Did we mention the good looks?

£12.99 | Amazon | Buy it now

Sunnylife beach fan

Best for: a playful approach to staying cool

This cute fan resembles one of our favourite succulents, and it's made from a high quality plastic. From playful Australian label Sunnylife, the cactus fan is hand sized and powered by two AAA batteries.

£14 | ASOS | Buy it now

Bear fan with rechargeable battery

Best for: adorable summer gift (to yourself)

A lovely and well-appreciated summer gift for teddy fans and those that just cannot bear the heat (too tempting). This adorable portable fan comes with a rechargeable battery and includes a safety screen.

Frankly, we just can't get over those cute little bear ears - can you? Available in three colours.

£9.99 | Amazon | Buy it now

It's F*cking Boiling USB Fan

Best for: banishing desk side hot flushes

This fan plugs into your computer or laptop via the USB port and reveals a novelty LED surprise. The powerful fan will keep you cool with a NSFW “It's F*cking Boiling” message. Small and fairly mighty, there is also no need for batteries but this one is probably best for the home office.

£8.99 | Firebox | Buy it now

Handheld Mini Fan Portable Folding Pocket Fan

Best for: slipping into your pocket

This small handheld fan folds so you can store it in your bag for heatwave emergencies. Rechargeable by USB, the device has two wind modes - high and low - and is available in pink and green.

£8.89 | Amazon | Buy it now

D-FantiX Misting Fan

Best for: misting and cooling

Converting water into mist for an immediately cooling effect, this fan makes an ideal sidekick for scorching summer days. Three settings include fan only, mist only or a combination of both.

The large hole also makes this fan very easy to hang. Available in three colours.

£17.99 | Amazon | Buy it now

Witmoving fan

Best for: Staying cool, calm and collected in a heat wave

A durable option for summer cooling, this top rated handheld fan from Amazon comes with a 12-month warranty and is charged by USB. Also available in pink.

£15.99 | Amazon | Buy it now

Ice Cream Fan

Best for: Social media

This fan is more worthy of an Instagram post than it is any summer cooling award, however it will loan a mild breeze to your brow and the fun design makes us smile. Calories not included.

£10 | Amazon | Buy it now


If you need instant and reliable relief from the sweltering sun Vision Tech fan is an excellent buy — well made, versatile and the only fan on this list that can be charged by both standard batteries and USB.

The Aviski rechargeable fan takes the award for most stylish and can also be used as a small desk fan. And the best misting option goes to the D-FantiX — the feeling of cool water on hot skin really is satisfying.