The best luxury Easter eggs of 2017

Melisha Kaur

With Easter fast approaching, the supermarket shelves are filling up with delicious chocolate treats to feast on come April 16. If ordinary sweet spheres don't float your boat, then it's time to upgrade to something a bit more luxurious.

The most awesome Easter eggs are the sort that leave you in awe, and these are the creations that will leave a lasting impression on loved ones.

From Bettys' classic milk chocolate egg decorated with intricate spring flowers to Pierre Hermé’s sculpture-like offering, here's our selection of the finest Easter eggs money can buy.

1. Bettys Milk Chocolate Spring Flowers Egg

Yorkshire’s famous Bettys tea shop is well known for its sumptuous afternoon tea, but its staff know a thing or two about chocolate too. At 24cm high, the handcrafted Spring Flowers egg, created from creamy Swiss milk chocolate, showcases an intricate floral design and is stippled with rich dark chocolate. Not only does it make a statement, but also tastes wonderfully moreish.

£57.50, Bettys, Buy it now

2. Pierre Hermé Oeuf Dentelle Au Chocolat Au Lait

If there's one egg that will look good on your Instagram page, it's this stunning sculpted egg from French chocolatier Pierre Hermé. Crafted from fine milk chocolate, the shell is delicately adorned with entirely handcrafted lace. What's more, it comes with a selection of delicious mini eggs. Hashtag perfection.

£68, Pierre Hermé, Buy it now

3. Fortnum and Mason The Colossal Egg

The most discerning of chocolate connoisseurs will be impressed by this splendid Fortnums creation, weighing at 1.4kg and packed with four separate eggs inside. An adventure for your taste buds, the Colossal Egg offers flavours of milk chocolate and salted honeycomb, dark chocolate orange and white chocolate with strawberry and black pepper.

£90, Fortnum and Mason, Buy it now

4. Montezumas Enormous Chocolate Honeycomb Egg

Come from a family of chocoholics? This lavish shell, made from a blend of milk, white and dark chocolate infused with crunchy honeycomb pieces, provides enough to go around all weekend. The chocolate itself is impressively thick and, of course, tastes divine – with an extra sweet kick from the honeycomb. It stands at over 30cm tall and weighs a hefty 1kg.

£44.99, Montezumas, Buy it now

5. Pierre Marcolini Fondant Chocolate Egg

Master chocolatier Pierre Marcolini makes gorgeous chocolate creations made with high-quality ingredients, including premium cocoa sourced directly from independent producers across the globe. This elegant take on the Easter egg is sculpted from sweet fondant and white chocolate. It comes with an assortment of mini eggs in different flavours and chocolate caramel animals.

£50, Pierre Marcolini, Buy it now

6. Harrods Artisan Milk Chocolate Easter Egg

When it comes to Easter eggs, the chocolatiers at Harrods really know what they're doing. This colourful offering from the department store gets its wow factor from a hand-painted ombre finish. The dark chocolate shell is fitted with a selection of dreamy gianduja chocolate treats.

£40, Harrods, Buy it now

7. Artisan du Chocolat Sculpture Egg​

For the modernist in your life, you needn't look further than this shimmering wonder from Artisan du Chocolat. Crafted from decadently rich dark chocolate, the shell holds a minature ganache-filled egg adorned with an 18 carat gold leaf. A variety of mini eggs in playful flavour combinations, such as cherry and cardamom, can also be found in its packaging.

£35, Artisan du Chocolat, Buy it now

VERDICT: The rich taste and statement-making finish on the Bettys Milk Chocolate Spring Flowers Egg make it our top choice for traditionalists. Created with plenty of attention to detail, it's reasonably priced at £57.50 and is also available in a medium version (£27.50) for those on a budget. Our favourite contemporary-looking option is the showstopping Artisan du Chocolat Sculpture Egg.

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