Best Man Who Was Supposed to Be Deployed Surprises Best Friend on Wedding Day — and Tears Flow

Joelle Goldstein
Best Man Who Was Supposed to Be Deployed Surprises Best Friend on Wedding Day — and Tears Flow

A groom got incredibly emotional at his wedding — but the tears had nothing to do with his beautiful bride.

Steven Marec received the surprise of a lifetime on Jan. 6 when his best man, Anthony “A.J.” White, showed up to his wedding after  he was expected to miss the big day, Marec wrote on his Facebook page.

Two months before Marec was set to wed his bride, Lauren Marec, White — a member of the U.S. Army — learned he would be getting deployed overseas, ABC News reported.

Because of their special friendship, Steven told ABC News he refused to replace White in the wedding party and simply planned to tie the knot without an official best man on hand.

As it turns out, Steven didn’t have to because White’s deployment got delayed two days before the wedding, ABC News reported.

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Knowing how thrilled Steven would be, White decided to keep the exciting news from his best friend and surprise him on the big day — an emotional moment captured by the newlywed’s photographers.

In the heartwarming footage, Steven and Lauren strolled down a sidewalk together hand-in-hand, before White appeared from the bushes in his army combat uniform.

“Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Marec!” he happily said, causing Steven and Lauren to stop in their tracks — their jaws wide open in surprise.

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“Bro!” Steven yelled, as his expression changed from shock to overwhelming emotion and he began to bawl.

After White greeted the bride with a hug, the best friends finally reunited, sharing a long embrace beside the rest of Steven’s thrilled groomsmen.

The sweet surprise stuck with the groom for days to come, and he raved about it on his Facebook page following his wedding.

“My best friend AJ surprised me at my wedding. He was NOT suppose to be there and I’m so happy that he was!” Steven wrote on Facebook a day after his nuptials.

“I’m just glad to have my best friend at my wedding,” he added in a separate post.