The best men's workout shirts in 2024

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A person wearing a Ten Thousand workout shirt and running up a flight of stairs in a football stadium.
Ten Thousand

Wearing the right active clothing goes a long way in helping improve your workouts, and that starts with the kind of shirt you wear. The best workout shirts should feature some combination of moisture-wicking fabric, four-way stretch, sweat-activated cooling, or all three.

Our top pick is the Ten Thousand Versatile Shirt. It's the perfect top for several activities, be it running, cycling, or strength training, and it's capable of staying comfortable for all of it. For cold weather training, we recommend Under Armour's HeatGear. This long-sleeved shirt provides added warmth in colder temperatures but still features stretch fabric and mesh panels for improved ventilation and comfort.

As fitness editor for Insider Reviews, I've tested a lot of workout apparel. Below are my seven favorite workout shirts I've worn, and are the tops I rotate through each week. I've also included insight into how I test workout shirts, and a glossary of buzzwords, at the end of this guide.

Top picks for the best workout shirts for men

Best overall: Ten Thousand Versatile Shirt - See at Ten Thousand
Ten Thousand's Versatile Shirt lives up to its name by being one of our favorite multi-purpose workout shirts — it's great for anything active, be it cardio, strength training, HIIT exercises, or cycling.

Best for runners: Nike Dri-Fit Miler - See at Nike
Yes, it wicks moisture and sports the Nike logo but the Nike Dri-Fit Miler helps runners go the distance, thanks to flat seams to avoid chafing and reflective details to increase visibility.

Best for cold weather: Under Armour HeatGear - See at Amazon
Under Armour's HeatGear long-sleeve shirt makes frigid winter runs a bit more manageable plus it has mesh back and underarm panels that improve ventilation, keeping you warm and comfortable.

Best for odor control: Rhone Reign - See at Rhone
Rhone's Reign sets itself apart with GoldFusion technology that wicks moisture, controls odors, and decreases drying time.

Best for hot weather: Arctic Cool Crew Neck - See at Arctic Cool
Powered by HydroFreeze X technology, Arctic Cool's Crew Neck shirt utilizes an innovative fabric that works to lower your body temperature while also wicking sweat. 

Best-fitting: Saxx Aerator - See at Saxx
The Saxx Aerator is one of the best-fitting athletic shirts I've worn as it's cut to better fit your arms and chest without looking boxy through the rest of the shirt.

Best for casual wear: Reebok Supersonic 2.0 - See at Walmart
With a stylish cut and quick-dry fabric, Reebok's Supersonic 2.0 fits in at the gym, home, or bar after a workout.

Best overall: Ten Thousand Versatile Shirt

A person working out with battle ropes while wearing the Ten Thousand Versatile shirt.
Ten Thousand

Pros: Comfortable workout shirt that's good for almost any workout or activity, flatlock seams prevent chafing, doesn't hold onto odors, sweat-wicking and quick-dry fabric work well

Cons: Fit can differ from what you're used to but double-check using the brand's interactive fit guide before buying

Ten Thousand's workout gear is a staff favorite, and when it comes to workout shirts designed to perform many exercises, it's the brand's Versatile Shirt I love wearing. Not only does it fit comfortably but it's both minimalist and functional, making it great for weight training, running, cycling, and even yoga — there's a reason it has the word "versatile" in its name.

Made of 84% polyester and 16% spandex, the shirt features a breathable design that, along with its sweat-wicking and quick-drying tech, allows it to remain comfortable no matter how warm or sweaty I get. Even when temperatures cooled off, this shirt still performed well, and I especially appreciate its flatlock seams which avoid chafing of any kind (which is a must on my longer runs).

Similar to how Rhone uses gold particles in its fabric, Ten Thousand infused its Versatile shirt with a silver ion anti-odor treatment. After intentionally wearing it for a 15-mile bike ride followed by an hour resistance band workout, the shirt did well to avoid hanging onto any odors, even if I was ready for a full-on shower.

I recommend reviewing Ten Thousand's fit metrics as the medium shirt I tested was on the shorter side (and I'm roughly 5'9"). The chest, shoulders, and arms all fit properly but I would've liked just a bit more length (and may try the Large next time). The site does have a useful interactive fit chart that showcases different model body types across each size to give you a good sense of how it'll fit once you try it on.

Best for runners: Nike Dri-Fit Miler

A model wearing the Nike Dri-Fit Miler shirt in black.

Pros: Reflective details offer increased visibility, flat seams reduce chafing and feel comfortable on the skin, and the Dri-FIT tech actively wicks moisture

Cons: Despite a reflective pattern, dark colors are not recommended for runners who run at night

Based entirely on the amount of constant rubbing and chafing a runner experiences, the type of athletic apparel they choose must satisfy a particularly high standard. Nike, a brand that needs no introduction, knows a thing or two about workout gear and has excelled for decades at manufacturing some of the industry's best, and most innovative, active clothing.

The story remains the same with its Dri-Fit Miler, an athletic shirt designed for runners.

Led by its patented Dri-Fit technology, the Miler excels at wicking moisture but also proves capable of staying dry no matter the mileage — a feature that dramatically impacts both comfort and performance. With a dropped hem in the back of the shirt, it offers more coverage than most other running shirts and its flat seams help avoid excess chafing while feeling soft on a wearer's skin.

Perhaps its best and most important feature is the reflective pattern Nike used to keep runners visible throughout their run. Be it morning, afternoon, or dusk, the reflective details shine brightly when hit with headlights or a flashlight, helping alert those passing by to the runner's position. Though running at night requires a different approach, the shirt still reflects in the dark. However, dark colors aren't recommended for those who prefer running when the sun's gone down.

Best for cold weather: Under Armour HeatGear

A model wearing the Under Armour HeatGear shirt.
Under Armour

Pros: Second-skin fit allows for layering without sacrificing performance, soft and lightweight, HeatGear fabric stays warm in the coldest temperatures, four-way stretch offers a wide range of movement, and Under Armour compression helps improve performance

Cons: Limited to wearing in cold to moderate weather

Under Armour made its name designing and manufacturing some of the best compression athletic gear on the market and its HeatGear Armour long-sleeve shirt is the perfect example of the brand's innovations. Featuring a second skin, compression-style fit, and lightweight construction, the HeatGear Armour is a form-fitting shirt that offers comfortable support.

With a four-way stretch design, it not only avoids hindering your performance but also accentuates it by allowing for movement in any direction. The shirt lives up to its HeatGear name by truly shining when temperatures drop as the fabric was built to keep you warm in frigid weather. It even boasts a UPF 30+ rating, which helps protect against harmful UV rays — something anyone's capable of being exposed to year-round.

The long sleeve tee also wicks moisture and dries quickly which is an incredibly welcome feature for those who like to run outside and break a sweat. No more plodding away on an indoor treadmill, Under Armour's HeatGear Armour allows anyone to enjoy a training session outside of the gym, even in the dead of winter.

Best for odor control: Rhone Reign

A model wearing the Rhone Reign shirt.

Pros: GoldFusion technology is as innovative as anything on the market, odor control that works, fast drying time, and a comfortable, stylish fit

Cons: Premium price tag

There are innovative workout shirts and then there's the Rhone Reign, a shirt that features actual flakes of real gold and uses the company's GoldFusion technology. Hardly a gimmick, GoldFusion has a three-pronged impact in that it actively wicks away moisture, combats odor, and dramatically decreases drying time.

So, not only does the technology keep you dry and comfortable but it keeps even the worst gym smells at bay — a feature the rest of the people at the gym would surely love.

Though GoldFusion is its rightful claim to fame, the Reign shirt still scores highly in other areas like fit and comfort. Essentially a performance synthetic tee, it's capable of holding up to almost any workout, activity, or sport and remains comfortable throughout. With raglan sleeves and flatlock stitching, it achieves a better fit throughout without chafing or irritating your skin.

Rhone may have only just come onto the athletic apparel scene in recent years but armed with its GoldFusion technology and a casual, modern fit, the Reign lives up to its name.

Best for hot weather: Arctic Cool Crew Neck

A model wearing the Arctic Cool Crew Neck.
Arctic Cool

Pros: Innovative HydroFeeze X cools body temperature and works, UPF 50+ rating blocks 98% of harmful UV rays, antimicrobial cooling tech is machine-washable and never fades, and it spreads moisture across the shirt as it wicks to improve dry time

Cons: Plain style and color choices

Rhone's Reign may have gold flakes in its fabric but Arctic Cool's plainly-named Crew Neck shirt has an ace up its sleeve: HydroFreeze X technology. Flashy name aside, HyrdoFreeze X is more than just marketing-speak. It's a type of fabric that, while wicking moisture, dramatically lowers your body temperature.

As you sweat, the fabric absorbs that moisture and disperses it across the material. As air moves across the shirt, it creates a cooling effect that can make you feel up to 30 degrees cooler. Once it moves through the shirt and cools down, any excess moisture is wicked completely from the garment. Better yet, the tech is antimicrobial, meaning it's able to sustain a lifetime of washes and still perform.

Though the shirt itself is a bit plain, the HydroFreeze X fabric offers a premium fit that's capable of supporting a variety of exercises and activities. Additionally, each shirt is rated at UPF 50+, so it offers a high level of sun protection, blocking up to 98% of harmful UV rays.

Best-fitting: Saxx Aerator

A model wearing Saxx Aerator workout shirt.

Pros: Great fit, comfortable, works well for a variety of workouts like HIIT, running, or biking, comes in a L/S variety

Cons: Limited color options

Saxx is known mainly for its inventive line of, shall I say, supportive underwear, but the brand also makes a selection of workout apparel. One such shirt (which is also available in a long-sleeved version) is called the Aerator, and after wearing it for several months, I'm a huge fan.

Perhaps my favorite part about the shirt is how it fits. It features a flattering cut that's bigger in the chest and slimmer through the waist. This allows it to achieve a more fitted look that stays true to size and doesn't look boxy or ill-fitting. Not only does this make me feel more confident while wearing it but a shirt that fits correctly functions better.

The Aerator is available in three colors, and while each is solid and works well for anyone's style, the fact there are only three may seem basic to some — to be fair, this is a minor nitpick.

I've mainly worn this shirt while running or doing at-home workouts, and it's perfectly held up for all of it. Even during the humid summer months when it can get drenched in sweat in minutes, it avoids feeling too heavy or bogging me down, and its moisture-wicking tech seems to work as advertised. The Aerator quickly became one of my workout apparel staples and doesn't appear to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Best for casual wear: Reebok Supersonic 2.0

A model wearing the Reebok Supersonic 2.0.

Pros: Stylish cut, effective moisture-wicking technology, quick-dry fabric that performs in any environment, and its loose-fitting torso allows for a greater range of motion

Cons: Fitted design may not be suitable for all body types

A company mostly synonymous with sneakers, Reebok's athletic apparel is just as impressive as its shoes. With the Supersonic 2.0, the Adidas subsidiary takes a stab at offering performance fabric designed to wick sweat, dry quickly, and look good in the process. With an athletic cut and stylish design, not only does this shirt deliver on performance but it's also capable of being worn all day, every day if you so please.

Made of 95% polyester and 5% spandex, the Supersonic 2.0 is lightweight and highly breathable and is as capable of wicking away moisture as it helps avoid excessive sweat spots. That means you can wear it to the gym and, even after an intense workout, still wear it while meeting up with friends or heading back to work.

Featuring a fitted cut to hug a wearer's upper torso, the bottom flows freely allowing for a wide range of movement. No matter if it's an afternoon of basketball, an hour of lifting weights, or simply going for a run, the fit stays true throughout and performance is never limited. Reebok's Supersonic 2.0 is about as functional and versatile as an everyday shirt as it gets. We do recommend washing it regularly, though.

Workout shirt glossary

Just as there's variety in the available options, there's also variety in a wearer's desired application or workout style. Perhaps a runner wants a more lightweight option or a fitness buff desires something that looks good every day, no matter the activity.

Regardless of intent, there's a suitable workout shirt designed specifically for everyone. A great workout shirt doesn't just get the job done but does so without sacrificing performance, comfort, or style.

Here are some of the most popular styles and features of men's workout shirts:

Sweat-wicking: Sweat-wicking shirts work to remove moisture from your skin. They also don't soak up any of that moisture (like a cotton tee might), allowing them to avoid feeling overly heavy as you work out.

Odor control: Fabrics with odor-control technology help minimize lingering odors. There are several ways manufacturers can do this, either constructing the shirt of merino wool, having it feature a highly breathable design, or, in the case of Rhone, using gold particles infused into the fabric.

Quick-dry fabric: Workout shirts with quick-dry fabrics are often made from merino wool, polyester, or nylon (or a blend) and are designed to be highly breathable.

Four-way stretch: This type of fabric allows for greater freedom of motion, helping the wearer feel less hindered while running, lifting weights, or doing moves like lunges or burpees.

How I test workout shirts

Each shirt featured in this buying guide went through several rounds of testing across a variety of workouts and activities. These workouts include weight training sessions with resistance bands, medicine balls, and dumbbells, 30-minute cardio sessions of either an outdoor run, outdoor bike ride, or an indoor stationary bike ride, and indoor interval training routines.

No workout shirt is the perfect, one-style-fits-all, so each selection also lists a few drawbacks to consider, be it sizing and fit issues, an expensive price tag, or a lack of color choice. New product styles and releases are always being considered for future updates, as well.

Here are the four categories we judged each shirt on during testing:

Fit: An ill-fitting workout shirt won't exactly motivate you or push you through to the end of your workout, no matter if you're out for a run or using resistance bands at home. When testing, we looked at everything from how stretchy it was and how well it moved along with us if the armholes allowed for proper range of motion, and if there was enough coverage through the bottom.

Performance: Performance is essentially the execution of a workout shirt's fabric tech, especially today. How well does it wick sweat or control odor? Is it breathable and does it avoid chafing? A workout shirt's performance is one of the most important factors we considered because the last thing you want to be thinking about while working out is why your shirt feels like a hundred pounds drenched in sweat or what the foul smell might be.

Fabric tech: Innovative fabric tech is now the norm in every manner of workout gear as brands have adopted everything from gold-infused materials and multi-stretch fabric to active cooling and UPF protection. Since these are now standard practice, it raises the bar in terms of judging how well a workout shirt applies the tech.

Value: The value of a quality workout shirt is less about how much it costs and more about the combination of the three categories before it, as well as what its final price is. We often say it's better to spend more on a premium product than to spend less, more often on something that's shoddily designed and won't last.

A note on fit

Though the workout shirts featured in this guide have the name "men's" in them, they're not strictly for cisgender men. The cut and design of the shirts may differ from similar clothing intended for women but anyone can wear whatever shirt they feel comfortable in.

This is especially true in the world of workout apparel where comfort and performance are far higher priorities than what specific gender they're intended for — and each of the shirts featured was tested with those features in mind. If you're looking for workout clothing that more closely identifies with the fit and design of women's apparel, check out our guide to our favorite women's workout clothing brands.

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