Best place to get a fry up in Leicestershire announced as family-run café

A meal at the Copper Kettle
The Copper Kettle's 666 Devil's Breakfast Challenge -Credit:The Copper Kettle

A family-run business near Coalville has been voted as the best place to get a fry up in Leicestershire. The Copper Kettle in South Street, Ellistown, was crowned number one by our readers.

Coming in second place was Annie’s in East Goscote near Syston and in third was The Rock in Whitwick, Coalville. Owner of Copper Kettle, Tom Allured-Rowley, said he was “speechless” at the news.

Tom said: “The whole team puts its blood, sweat and tears into it, we are a family run affair.” The cafe which runs from an industrial estate in Ellistown uses “great local produce”, Tom said.

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Previously, when Copper Kettle was also voted as the joint best place to get a sandwich in Leicestershire, Tom's wife, Jodie said: “We don’t go for cheap things. We take pride, time and effort in it.

“We make sure everything goes out exactly the same and just make quality hot food.” Tom said the large breakfast is the most popular item on the menu, especially with builders.

It comes with two of everything for £8. The cafe also offers a ‘Devil’s Breakfast’, where six of everything is piled on the plate, including six eggs, six pieces of bacon, six sausages, six black puddings, six hash browns and more.

Tom said only six people have ever finished it, four of them so-called ‘professional eaters.’ Also receiving recognition from our readers were JB Kitchen in Birstall, Od Thorpes in Quorn, Dolly’s Takeaway in Blaby, Ron’s Cafe in Abbey Lane, Leicester, The Duck & Willow in Syston, Attfield’s Farm Shop and Cafe near Cosby and Kell’s Cafe in Hinckley Road, Leicester.

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