'Best Shot Ever': Alaskan Man Records Optical Illusion of Moose Atop Car

An amused man in Anchorage, Alaska, was delighted to record a video showing a moose seemingly standing on top of his car on March 18.

Footage shot by Tom Lee shows a moose that looks like it is on the roof of his car, picking at the branches of a bare tree in his front yard. The moose, however, was standing on a snowbank some 50 feet behind his car, Lee said.

“I felt like it was a once-in-a-lifetime capture,” Lee told Storyful, as he’s also heard in the video saying it was "the best shot ever.

“This is the beautiful nature of the state of Alaska,” Lee added. Credit: Tom Lee via Storyful

Video transcript

- The moose got on top of my car. My goodness. [LAUGHS] That was cute. [LAUGHS] It's the best shot of all. She's right on top of my car. Tried to eat the trees. Oh, my goodness. There you go. You can see a moose right on top of the car. This is so cute.


The best shot ever, moose on top of my BMW. [LAUGHS] So cute, guys. It was so much fun. She's going to quit until my trees is done. Don't start to harm my car. [LAUGHS] Oh, my goodness. It's so cool. Right on top of my car. OK, guys, thank you for watching.