Here are the best travel TikTokers you must follow for cost-saving tips and inspiring adventures

  • TikTok's "travel" subgenre is massive, with over 220 billion cumulative views under the hashtag.

  • Some top travel influencers on the platform include Jacob Riglin, Alex Ojeda, and Quin Gable.

  • Travel creators post everything from picturesque vistas to cost-saving tips for booking flights.

While Instagram has long been the hotspot for influencers posting their luxurious travels to faraway destinations, TikTok is slowly dominating this space. The hashtag for "travel" videos has amassed over 220 billion views.

Travel TikTokers share snapshots of their family excursions, document nomadic lives, and offer tips about how to get the most out of a stay and flight.

Here are 7 unique and popular travel creators you should follow.


Jacob Riglin holds the rare and seminal handle @jacob. He regularly posts scene videos of his idyllic travels on his channel. His content features challenging, lengthy mountain hikes in Slovenia and the ornate landscape of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi. He's also shared moments from his personal life and free spirit attitude, such as a recent clip where he forgets to secure his phone before skydiving out of a helicopter. His range of stunning shots has helped him amass over 640,000 followers on TikTok.


Alex Ojeda, a Mexican-American creator with over 8.4 million followers on TikTok, is known for two things: traveling around the world and finding the most thrilling and turbulent water slides to go down. He's filmed himself riding massive alpine coasters in the United Kingdom, flying down a mega-tall water slide in Texas, and whizzing down a frightening glass slide in Dubai. In a recent interview with Insider, he said he aspired to one day own his own water park, which he said he would name "Ojeda Bay Water Park."


Quin Gable is one of TikTok's biggest "Van Lifers," a term for people who live out of motor vehicles or trailers. Gable documents her life abroad with her two cats, along with all the various critters she finds while exploring, like a penguin on a beach in South Africa.

In a tour of her van, she showed off how she outfitted it with lights of multiple temperature tones and extensive storage compartments.


Rana Good is a travel influencer and writer with numerous viral videos about places she's visited around the world. She has posted about penguin proposals, nightmare airplane flights, and tips about traveling through Antarctica.

Her biggest video from December 2021, with over 13 million views, shows her face-planting into a polar plunge.


Caroline Foster posts under the account @wilderness_addict — a fitting name for someone whose content includes some of the most awe-inspiring vistas on the platform. She has filmed the California Rockies against stunning and colorful; the foggy Icelandic hills; and New Zealand during its peak purple lupin blooming season in late Spring. Her vivid scenes have amassed her nearly a million followers.


The account @riotravelers is run by an American couple, Trent and Sarah. The two post videos of themselves going on many global adventures, like visiting the pyramids in Egypt, and hiking around Switzerland. They also post funny clips and travel advice, like urging people to search for flights to select destinations that have cheaper fares (for under $500, for example).



Carmen Sognonvia's channel isn't like others on this list — she mainly posts vacation videos featuring her whole family, including her two daughters. She has made clips about the perils of overpacking, and videos where she and her family dance together and reveal their dream travel destinations to their devoted followers. Sognonvia has also shared advice on executing stress-free family trips and top places people should go if they have young kids.

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