The best TV shows and movies you might recognize the cast of 'House of the Dragon' from

house of the dragon
"House of the Dragon."HBO
  • HBO's "House of the Dragon" follows the Targaryen family centuries before "Game of Thrones."

  • The drama has plenty of actors you might recognize from other shows and movies.

  • Matt Smith previously starred on "The Crown," and Rhys Ifans had a memorable role in "Notting Hill."

Milly Alcock stars as young Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen.

house of the dragon
A scene from "House of the Dragon."HBO

This is Alcock's first major role. She previously appeared on the Starz drama "The Gloaming," Australian series "Upright," and in the horror film "The School."

Milly Alcock on the Australian show "Upright."
Milly Alcock on the Australian show "Upright."Lingo Pictures/Sundance One

The role of young Alicent Hightower is played by Emily Carey.

House of the Dragon character guide
Alicent in the pilot episode of "House of the Dragon."Ollie Upton / HBO

Carey played younger versions of the main characters in both "Wonder Woman (2017) and "Tomb Raider" (2018).

A young Lara Croft prepares to release an arrow from a bow in this still from "Tomb Raider."
Gal Gadot and Alicia Vikander starred as the elder versions of Diana and Lara, respectively.Warner Bros.

Paddy Considine plays King Viserys Targaryen.

House of the Dragon character guide
Viserys in the pilot episode of "House of the Dragon."Ollie Upton / HBO

Considine played Detective Wainwright in "Hot Fuzz." He also starred in "The World's End," "The Bourne Ultimatum," and period drama "Peaky Blinders."

Paddy Considine in "The World's End."
Paddy Considine in "The World's End."Focus Features

Matt Smith stars as Rhaenyra's uncle (and Viserys' brother), Prince Daemon Targaryen.

House of the Dragon character guide
Daemon Targaryen as seen in "House of the Dragon."Ollie Upton / HBO

Fans might know him best as the eleventh iteration of the Doctor on the BBC's sci-fi series "Doctor Who." Smith also notably played a young Prince Philip in "The Crown," and appeared in "Last Night in Soho" and "Morbius."

Matt Smith and Karen Gillan in "Doctor Who."
Matt Smith and Karen Gillan in "Doctor Who."BBC

The older version of Princess Rhaenyra is played by Emma D'Arcy.

house of the dragon
The grown-up Rhaenyra in "House of the Dragon."HBO

D'Arcy played Astrid on the Amazon series "Truth Seekers." They also appeared in the film "Misbehaviour," which also featured their "House of the Dragon" costar Rhys Ifans.

Emma D'Arcy in "Mothering Sunday."
Emma D'Arcy also appeared in "Mothering Sunday."Sony Pictures Classics

Olivia Cooke plays the older version of Alicent Hightower.

A woman with reddish brown hair wearing a fur-lined coat sits in a carriage.
Olivia Cooke as Alicent Hightower.HBO

Cooke costarred in the 2018 film "Ready Player One." She also played Emma on the "Psycho" prequel series "Bates Motel," appeared on Amazon's "Modern Love," and had roles in "Me and Earl and the Dying Girl" and "Life Itself."

Tye Sheridan and Olivia Cooke in "Ready Player One."
Tye Sheridan and Olivia Cooke in "Ready Player One."Warner Bros.

Ser Criston Cole, a knight of the Kingsguard, is played by Fabian Frankel.

Two men with shoulder-length hair stand side by side looking serious.
Joffrey and Criston in "House of the Dragon."HBO

Frankel also appeared on the crime drama "The Serpent," based on a series of real-life murders in the 1970s.

Fabien Frankel on "The Serpent."
Fabien Frankel on "The Serpent."Netflix

Rhys Ifans plays Ser Otto Hightower, the Hand of the King and father of Alicent.

Otto Hightower on "House of the Dragon."
Rhys Ifans as Otto Hightower on "House of the Dragon."Ollie Upton / HBO

Ifans has a long list of acting credits to his name. He played Xenophilius Lovegood in "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1," and starred as Dr. Curt Connors in "The Amazing Spider-Man" (2012) and "Spider-Man: No Way Home" (2021). He also had a small but memorable role as Spike in the 1999 rom-com "Notting Hill."

Rhys Ifans as Dr. Curt Connors in "The Amazing Spider-Man."
Rhys Ifans as Dr. Curt Connors in "The Amazing Spider-Man."Columbia Pictures

Steve Toussaint portrays Lord Corlys Velaryon, also known as the Sea Snake.

Steve Toussaint as Lord Corlys Velaryon on "House of the Dragon."
Steve Toussaint on "House of the Dragon."Ollie Upton / HBO

Toussaint has been cast on numerous TV shows, including "CSI: Miami," "Skins," "Doctor Who," and Steve McQueen's "Small Axe." He also appeared in the 2010 film "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time," and in the 2015 remake of "Point Break."

Steve Toussaint as Seso in "Prince of Persia: the Sands of Time."
Steve Toussaint as Seso in "Prince of Persia: the Sands of Time."Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Eve Best plays Rhaenys Targaryen, known as "The Queen Who Never Was."

A woman with long blonde hair standing in front of a throne.
Eve Best as Rhaenys in "House of the Dragon."HBO

Best previously appeared in Netflix's "Fate: The Winx Saga," the Oscar-winning movie "The King's Speech," and the TV series "Nurse Jackie."

A woman with dark hair wearing a white blazer stands next to a blonde nurse in scrubs.
Eve Best in "Nurse Jackie."Showtime

Graham McTavish was cast as Ser Harrold Westerling, one of the knights of the Kingsguard.

House of the Dragon character guide
Graham McTavish as Ser Harrold Westerling in "House of the Dragon."Ollie Upton / HBO

This isn't his first time in a fantasy franchise: McTavish played Dwalin in "The Hobbit" trilogy starting in 2011, and also costarred in "Outlander."

A dwarf with a long beard holding a mug.
Graham McTavish in "The Hobbit."New Line Cinema

Sonoya Mizuno plays Mysaria, a mysterious Mistress of Whisperers in King's Landing.

A man with long blonde hair and a woman with dark black hair stand on a pathway.
Daemon and Mysaria in "House of the Dragon."HBO

Mizuno has costarred in acclaimed movies like "Crazy Rich Asians" and "Ex Machina," as well as Hulu's sci-fi series "Devs."

Sonoya Mizuno DEVS Fx on Hulu Raymond Liu
Sonoya Mizuno as Lily in "Devs."Raymond Liu/FX

The role of Lord Beesbury (a member of the Small Council) is played by notable actor Bill Paterson.

An older man wearing formal robes looks concerned.
Bill Paterson in "House of the Dragon."HBO

Paterson recently costarred in the beloved TV series "Fleabag," and is also know for movies like "Miss Potter" and "Kingdom of Heaven."

An older couple toast with champagne flutes.
Bill Paterson and Olivia Colman costarred in Amazon Prime's series "Fleabag."Amazon

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