The best UK TV to watch this week from Heartstopper to Celebrity MasterChef

Heartstopper, Celebrity Masterchef, and Wolf are just some of the highlights on UK TV this coming week. (BBC/ITV/Netflix/Channel 5/Prime Video)
Heartstopper, Celebrity Masterchef, and Wolf are just some of the highlights on UK TV this coming week. (BBC/ITV/Netflix/Channel 5/Prime Video)

On UK TV this week: Streaming phenomenon Heartstopper returns for its highly anticipated second season on Netflix, which takes Nick and Charlie off to Paris for a school trip that features its fair share of drama.

Also on the TV menu this week is the return of Celebrity MasterChef, dark new crime drama Wolf, as well as Dara O Briain looking to the skies for a two-part Channel 5 documentary about the Moon.

Finally, a fascinating real-life crime from Australia is preoccupying ITVX, while BBC Four launches twist-filled Irish thriller Clean Sweep…

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Here's our guide to the best UK TV to watch this week.

Saturday 29 July, 9.00pm: Clean Sweep (episodes 1 and 2) | BBC Four

Clean Sweep,12/08/2023,5,Shelly Mohan ( CHARLENE McKENNA), Jason Mohan (BARRY WARD),SHINAWIL (CLEAN SWEEP) LIMITED & INCENDO CLEAN SWEEP 1 PRODUCTIONS INC.  All rights reserved.  ,Deidre Brennan
Shelly Mohan ( CHARLENE McKENNA), Jason Mohan (BARRY WARD) (Deidre Brennan, Clean Sweep Productions)

This new Irish thriller is centred on mum-of-three Shelly Mohan (Charlene McKenna) whose life is the regular grind of school runs and supermarket trips. But then a face from her past resurfaces and a crime is committed – which her police detective husband Jason (Barry Ward) is assigned with investigating.

Suddenly, Shelly has a whole load of secrets she needs to keep hidden from her nearest and dearest. But Jason too is arousing suspicion with claims of infidelity threatening his and Shelly’s marriage. Expect plenty of brooding looks and frantic cover-ups over the course of six episodes.

Monday 31 July, 9.00pm: Wolf (episodes 1 and 2) | BBC One

Wolf,FIRST LOOK,Jack Caffrey (UKWELI ROACH),Hartswood Films Ltd,James Pardon
Jack Caffery (UKWELI ROACH) (BBC)

DI Jack Caffery (Ukweli Roach) is the latest in a long line of TV detectives plagued by demons. In his case, those nightmares have their root in a traumatic event from the 1990s, when Jack’s 10-year-old brother was murdered. Hence the police officer’s obsession with the neighbour he believes to be responsible for the crime.

This six-parter has been adapted by Hartswood Films (they of Sherlock and Inside Man fame) from the bestselling books by Mo Hayder. And if you’re after an idea on tone, we’re very much at the darker end of the crime drama colour spectrum. Continues Tuesday.

Tuesday 1 August, 9.00pm: Wonders of the Moon with Dara O Briain (episodes 1 and 2) | Channel 5

Wonders of the Moon with Dara Ó Briain (Channel 5)
Dara Ó Briain (Channel 5)

The Mock the Week host indulges his love of astronomy in this new two-parter airing over consecutive nights which looks at the way the Moon has shaped just about everything around us.

Dara’s journey begins with an exploration of how the Moon governs time and still influences such things as farming and the pull of the earth’s tides. Episode two then expands the remit with a study of the dark side of the Moon before Dara discovers the likelihood of a base being 3D printed on our planet’s only natural satellite. Could the sci-fi storytelling of Space: 1999 become a reality? Concludes Wednesday.

Wednesday 2 August, 9.00pm: Celebrity MasterChef | BBC One

Celebrity Masterchef S18,Heat 1,James Buckley, Mica Ven, Marcu Brigstocke, Richie Anderson, Dani Dyer,**STRICTLY EMBARGOED NOT FOR PUBLICATION UNTIL 00:01 HRS ON TUESDAY 25TH JULY 2023**,Shine TV,Production
James Buckley, Mica Ven, Marcu Brigstocke, Richie Anderson, Dani Dyer (Shine TV)

The aim for the 20 famous faces competing is, of course, to succeed last year’s winner Lisa Snowdon as the Celebrity MasterChef Champion. But might some of those in contention find the heat of the kitchen too much to bear?

The latest line-up of culinary hopefuls appear to have been picked to appeal across the age ranges, with the likes of Sam Fox and Terry Christian there for anyone who came of age in the 80s and 90s, while Dani Dyer and ought to find favour with a younger crowd. Also in the mix are many who’ve tried their luck on other celeb-based shows, such as Strictly alumni Richie Anderson and Max George. All will have to appeal to the tastebuds of presenters John Torode and Gregg Wallace.

Thursday 3 August: Heartstopper (season 2) | Netflix

Joe Locke and Kit Connor - Heartstopper S2. (Netflix)
Joe Locke and Kit Connor (Netflix)

Series two of the life-affirming drama takes Charlie (Joe Locke), Nick (Kit Connor) and their peers off to Paris for a school trip. But there’s no break from life’s problems, with Charlie’s relationship with food arousing concern, while Nick tries to reach out to his French (and largely absent) father.

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But what remains undeniably sweet about this phenomenally popular coming-of-age series is the fact that the central pair tackle their problems as a united force. And, as in the first season, their friendship group remain a source of true support as adolescent anxieties are navigated.

Thursday 3 August: Vanishing Act | ITVX

From Screentime Banijay Productions

Streaming exclusively on ITVX from 
Thursday 3rd August 2023. 

Pictured: Kate Atkinson plays Melissa Caddick a woman obsessed with a designer lifestyle

The Vanishing Act tells the story of Melissa Caddick’s
disappearance after being confronted by authorities for her alleged multi-million dollar swindling. The three part series portrays Australia in the grip of the mystery as theories abound about Melissa’s fate following the discovery of her disembodied foot inside her running shoe. Vanishing Act tells the story of this charismatic con-artist, as well as those who suddenly found themselves grieving for a lost friend and daughter, while coming to terms with a monumental betrayal. Her life was lost, but theirs would never be the same again. Starring Kate Atkinson, Colin Friels, Jerome Velinsky and Maya Strange.

Photographer: Tony Mott

(C) Screentime Banijay Productions

For further information please contact Peter Gray
Mob 07831460662 /

This photograph is (C) *** and can only be reproduced for editorial purposes directly in connection with the programme or event mentioned herein.

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Any subsequent usage may incur a fee.

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Melissa Caddick (Kate Atkinson) (Tony Mott)

ITVX is delving deep into the true story of alleged swindler Melissa Caddick, first in a drama series starring Kate Atkinson (Wentworth), which explores how and why the Australian con artist vanished after embezzling over $40 million from her family, friends and clients.

Then, in The Real Vanishing Act: the Missing Millionairess (also released on Thursday), the countless theories that have sprung up online and in news articles are put to the test in a documentary that it’s hoped will bring closure for the financial advisor’s many victims.

Friday 4 August: The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart (episodes 1-3) | Prime Video

The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart (Prime Video)
Sigourney Weaver (Prime Video)

Sigourney Weaver takes top billing in this new seven-part mystery thriller based on Holly Ringland’s chart-topping debut novel set against Australia’s awe-inspiring natural landscape.

It’s a decades-spanning story centred on Alice Hart who, at the age of nine, is left bereft after losing both parents in a mysterious fire. She is then sent to live with her grandmother June (Weaver) at Thornfield flower farm, where secrets are set to be discovered about her family’s past. The series also stars Asher Keddie, Leah Purcell, Frankie Adams and Alycia Debnam-Casey.

Watch a trailer for The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart