'Best' way to store bread to make it 'last much longer' than its use-by date

Slices of bread
No-one wants stale or mouldy bread -Credit:Getty Images

Bread is a household staple, but it can go off much sooner than most would like. Now, it might not courtesy of a food waste expert who has found a useful tip or two.

The advice comes from Sophie Trueman, the in-house food waste expert at Too Good To Go. Speaking to the Express, she has revealed some essential tips to helping your loaf last longer than you might expect. She said: "Bread is undoubtedly one of the products that is not usually missing on the table of almost all households.

"However, despite being an essential part of our diet, more and more kilos are being wasted. All the kilos of bread that are released each year account for around 4.3 percent of all the total bread that is purchased."

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According to the expert, cloth bags are the “best” way to store bread because they help to maintain its properties for longer. Placing a potato in the bag with the bread can help to preserve its moisture which bread loses over time.

Sophie said: “Remember that if the bread is freshly made, you should not store it in an airtight bag, since it will not be able to breathe. You have to let it breathe so that it maintains its most optimal conservation. Storing it in a bread basket or a cloth bag, as mentioned, so that it cools at room temperature is always the best option.

“If you have sliced bread, remember to store it in the fridge when you get home. This way it will last much longer, extending its expiration date. Always remember to use your senses before consuming it, to know if it is suitable for your consumption.”

Another way to make bread last much longer is to freeze it. However, it is advised to do so in a hermetically sealed bag. This way, when it is defrosted, it will recover its good flavour and taste super fresh.

Sophie said: “We advise you to give it extra heat in the oven, once it is completely defrosted. This way you will get a super crunchy texture. In case the bread has been dry, you can moisten its crust before cutting it, either with a spray of water or with a damp cloth for a few minutes.

“Then, try putting it in the oven for a few minutes, so it will recover its crunchy texture. You will always have the option of slicing and toasting them, so they are sure to be very crunchy.”