Best weighted blankets of 2022: Calming weighted blankets to order in the UK

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Anyone who suffers from anxiety or experiences frequent broken sleep can attest to the knock-on effects in your waking hours; poor concentration, frayed nerves and a shorter temper are just some things you could be looking forward to.

A weighted blanket can help you get a solid night’s rest. Rather than just a heavy blanket, this comes with small weights sewn into pockets all the way through, resulting in a feeling of being hugged or held.

Feeling comforted and safe thanks to the pressure of the weights can have significant results on your anxiety levels and lower your chances of developing related illnesses.

If you’re still in two minds over whether to buy a weighted blanket, we’ve answered some FAQs to give you a bit more info.

How heavy should a weighted blanket be?

The advice is ten per cent of your body weight for adults and between 5 and 10 per cent for children, as this will result in just the right level of heaviness without becoming claustrophobic or uncomfortable.

Do weighted blankets come in King or Super King size?

They don’t usually but there are a few brands that do. The most common adult size is somewhere between a single and double duvet size, as they’re mostly designed for individual use rather than with a partner. Kids’ blankets are scaled down to fit them too, so that they’re not swamped.

When choosing a weighted blanket, don’t be tempted to pick the biggest one – they’re not supposed to fit your bed frame and could simply slip off it there’s too big of an overhang.

Are weighted blankets safe to use for children?

A weighted blanket can be a very beneficial tool for children coping with stress, anxiety or interrupted sleep, but you should always speak to your doctor first before giving any child a weighted blanket.

One of the most common reasons for choosing a weighted blanket for children is to combat anxiety and bedtime restlessness. It’s important that the weight of the blanket does not exceed 5-10 per cent of the weight of the child. A weighted blanket should never be used to restrict a child's movements and should never go past the shoulders or cover the head or face.

Also worth noting are the benefits of using a weighted blanket while travelling with kids to help mimic your at-home routine while on the move. Ultimately, a weighted blanket can be a blessing for many - young and old - just remember it's important to double check the weight and size before purchasing.

Can you use a weighted blanket with other bedding?

Yes! Weighted blankets for children as well as adults can also be used in conjunction with your normal bedding simply by adding it on top of a quilt or duvet during cooler months.

They are also especially snuggly on the sofa and don't require sleep to be beneficial.

See below for our edit of the best weighted blankets for adults and children.

Weighted Blankets For Adults

Aeyla Weighted Blanket

The victor! Aeyla takes the crown in our roundup of weighted blankets with "The Mela"- a pleasingly soft construction and foolproof distribution of weight — so no need to wrestle it every time you move

The blanket has had many iterations over the years as the brand continues on in its mission to create the ultimate weighted blanket. Not content on resting on its laurels, the brand has updated its design with a new and improved constructions as well as varying covers to suit all preferences.

The cosy sleep specialist now offers a chunky velvet knit, Eucalyptus silk, and a luxe cotton so you’ll be sure to find the one to help you drift off feeling the utmost Zen.

You can’t beat the classic. It is sumptuous and cosy quilted fleece fabric on one side and a cooling cotton on the reserve.

The internal construction is made up of 10 x 10cm pockets, each filled with anti-rustle glass pellets so it won't rattle around. In fact, the Aeyla blanket turned out to be the quietest blanket of all the adult options on our list.


Currently there are three weights (5.5kg, 7kg, and 9kg) available as a UK single (100cm x 190cm), double (135cm x 190cm) or UK King (150cm x 200cm).

One of the more noteworthy considerations is the even distribution of weight — from corner to corner, not a single section sagged or dragged. This makes a big difference when you shift your body weight as the blanket adjusts to your position rather than you constantly adjusting the blanket.

It's also wonderfully presented, making it perfect for gifting. The pretty gift box (made from recyclable cardboard) includes a guide on caring for the blanket, going over everything from how to wash it to the actual research used to support the therapeutic claims. What’s more, each sale protects 25 trees in the Amazon Rainforest and the brand donates a share of the profits to Young Minds mental health charity.

Curled up under the blanket on a rainy Sunday, this blanket proved to be a reliable pleasure.

£109 | Aeyla

Emma Sleep Weighted Blanket – The Emma Hug

Award-winning mattress label Emma Sleep has expanded its bedtime offering to include a weighted blanket for the very first time.

The Emma Hug Sleep offers a gentle introduction to weighted blanket sleeping as a great choice for first-timers. It weighs in at 7kg with extra fine glass beads. The pellets are super comfortable to sleep with as they won’t dig in or feel awkward to lie on due to their streamlined size. They are also layered between a cosy cotton top fabric that also works to regulate body temperature and two layers of microfiber and polyester padding to give that “hug” feeling.

Best of all, you can test out the blanket for a 200 night period for the ultimate try before you buy and there’s a 10-year guarantee as well as free delivery.

You can also purchase a breathable bamboo fibre blanket cover that has a sumptuous silk-like feel for an additional £39.


£92.95 | Emma

eve Sleep Weighted Blanket

With the sumptuously soft feel of an ordinary blanket packed with the anxiety-soothing benefits of a weighted variety - eve Sleep is revolutionising your eight hours. It is crafted from 100 per cent premium woven cotton and weighs seven kilos which is distributed evenly across the fabric. Take the weight of the world off your shoulders with the hugging feeling that this blanket provides. Bonus style points too.

 (eve sleep)
(eve sleep)

£199 | eve Sleep

John Lewis Specialist Weighted Blanket

Measuring 150 x 200cm, this weighted blanket from John Lewis offers one of the largest weight ranges we found, with six available options starting from a fairly lightweight 2.5kg to a more hefty 11.5kg. The internal composition is made using glass beads that we found both quiet as well as responsive when adjusting the position. It's worth nothing this blanket does not come with a removable cover, but you if you toss and turn frequently the absence of a cover might actually work in your favour as it won't have the potential to slink around within a duvet. However, it's worth keeping a light sheet between the blanket to help keep it clean.

John Lewis also offer a velvet option and a range of weighted blankets for kids including Frozen, Marvel, Thomas & Friends and a playful unicorn design, outer space, and leaf print.

£80 - £110 | John Lewis

Scentered Deluxe Sleep Well Aromatherapy & Weighted Gravity Blanket Gift Set

The state of the planet is getting more bizarre by the day, so who could blame you for wanting to dive down in the warmth and safety of bed?

Many people who suffer from anxiety swear by the benefits of a weighted blanket, and natural aromatherapy brand Scentered has launched one in a luxury gift set, alongside a sleep-aiding balm, beautiful candle and a storage bag.

Whether you're having trouble nodding off or want to treat a friend from afar, this is a lovely option that has deep, restful sleep all wrapped up.


£179 | Amazon

jaymag Weighted Blanket

With almost 2,000 mostly five star reviews on Amazon, there’s a reason why jaymag’s weighted blanket is a fan-favourite.

It is malleable and ridiculously comfortable to sleep with. It’s a similar sensation to sinking your hand into a bag of flour or mustard seeds. Covered with hypoallergenic cotton, the breathable cover will keep you cool and comfortable while also give you the comfort that’ll help you drift off to sleep.

Granted, it’s not the most beautiful thing you’ll look at but this is firmly a product of substance rather than simply style. There’s always the option of buying an extra mink-like cover in the colour of your choice, so it will match your interiors.

What’s particularly helpful about this one is that there are three sizing options; each with three weight categories, so you don’t necessary have to opt for a small blanket if you need something lightweight or a large one for something heavier – you can adapt to your needs easily.

From £56.94 | Amazon

Gravity Blanket

The original weighted blanket, this is a result of an enormously successful Kickstarter campaign which raised 77 times more than its original target in just over a week.

The Gravity Blanket comes in three weight options, from 6.8 to 11.3 kilograms and is suitable for people of different statures to calm the nervous system. The brand suggests that you choose a model that is 10 per cent of your body weight, if you’re in between two - go heavier.

We found the plush duvet-like construction on one side and a soft velvet on the other makes this one of the cosiest to have covering you at bedtime, and it’s particularly nice for those with sensitive skin. The weight comes from fine-grade glass beads and it’s hypoallergenic.


£199.95 | Beauty Bay

Soak & Sleep Weighted Blanket

Sold in four different weights - 5.5kg, 7kg, 8.5kg and 10kg - Soak & Sleep’s weighted blanket is already a popular choice. The brand is known for its sumptuous sleep essentials and this blanket is made from the same quality as the rest of the range of bedding, duvets, pillows and more. It’s packed with evenly-distributed glass microbeads encased in a 100 per cent organic and a moisture-wicking cotton sleeve with a 300 thread count, making it a rather luxe offering.

 (Soak & Sleep)
(Soak & Sleep)

£75 - £109.50 | Soak & Sleep

Sommio Prime Weighted Blanket

Available in a choice of four weights: 6, 8, 10 and 12kg, this blanket is made in the UK using 100 per cent European cotton and teeny hypo-allergenic glass balls. The blanket is hand stitched and uses miniature, individually filled pockets that help distribute the blanket's weight with a notably sumptuous effect on the body.

Creating a setting of serene calm, this lavish blanket left us feeling instantly relaxed and at ease once we were burrowed underneath. It measures 135 x 200cm, and you can buy it as a traditional or as a knitted variety for £169.

Go one further with a weighted duvet that offers the therapeutic effects of deep touch pressure with the warmth and snuggly comfort of a traditional bed covering.

From £149.99 | Sommio

Weighted Blankets for Kids

Rest Easy Sleep Better Star Weighted Blanket

Encourage your kidlettes to nod off with the hug of Rest Easy’s weighted blanket. The clue is in the same and the brand is encouraging a restful slumber with its carefully placement of a breathable cotton with micro-glass beads that are hypoallergenic and non-toxic. It’s also padded out with polyester fibre to ensure comfort without overheating. The bedtime staple has a stylish star print.

Need anymore convincing? The blanket has been given the seal of approval by Millpond Children’s Sleep Clinic - the UK’s leading children’s sleep clinic and advisor the NHS.

The brand also make blankets for kids in fun designs inspired by their favourite TV shows including Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig, Harry Potter, and Minecraft.

 (Rest Easy)
(Rest Easy)

£45-£50 | John Lewis

The Little Blanket Shop

Founded by a NHS hospital doctor, Anamika originally crafted this weighted blanket to help with her children’s anxiety. This non-medicinal alternative worked wonders and so she made it more widely available to help mums everywhere. The luxury blanket is crafted with a cotton and micro plush combination and filled with hypoallergenic micro beads. It can be personalised with the print cover of your choice as well as embroidered with a name or initials that makes it ideal for gifting. Choose between the three sizes available; 1.5kg, 2kg or 3kg. There’s also a 30 night guarantee so if it isn’t right, they’ll take it back.

 (The Little Blanket Shop)
(The Little Blanket Shop)

From £79 | The Little Blanket Shop

Senso-Rex Weighted Blankets

Available in multiple kid specific sizes and weights, Senso-Rex makes weighted blankets for kids that look as cool as they work - a welcome departure from the more commonly seen grey tones of the adult variety. Choose from unicorns, ballerinas, hedgehogs themes and many more. There's something for everyone, even the really fussy kids can find a blanket they love.

From £75 | Amazon

Sensory Direct Weighted Blanket

As these blankets come with quite a hefty price tag, buying one with options may help reassure you that you’ll make the most out it. This weighted blanket from Sensory Direct allows you to add or remove weights so that it can be used by different people.

Available in three sizes for children and one size for adults, the largest measures 200cm x 135cm and can be fitted with seven different weights, starting at 2.5 kilograms and going up to eight. A common concern is keeping them clean, but the large size can be fitted inside a standard single duvet cover, so it’s easy to keep it in tip top condition.

From £156 | Sensory Direct

TTS Calming Weighted Blanket

Only 120 centimetres long and with three weight options starting from 1.4 kilograms, this one is perfect for young children who suffer from anxiety or meltdowns and need a little comfort to calm them down. Red and green, it comes in a velvet finish that helps soothe distressed kids and is sizeable enough to wrap around the shoulders or lie under.

Something to be aware of before you buy: like with all weighted blankets for children it’s important to check with your child’s doctor before introducing them to this stress relief tool.

£67.95 | TTS

Weighted Therapy Blanket

Thanks to its bobbly, textured surface, this one is a particularly good for children with ADHD and autism, as sensory objects can often help to calm and de-stress. This one features a chenille side and a mink-like bobbly side, so is extra cosy and tactile for kids. The poly pellets are non-toxic, making this a safe option for small children and the bright, lime finish is particularly uplifting. Weighing just 2.2 kilograms, it’s a good size for children weighing around the 20 kilogram mark.

From £27.99 | Snoozzzy


Our top pick goes to Aeyla’s ‘The Mela’ Weighted Blanket based on exceptional quality, company ethos, and one heck of a rest. It's a superb blanket — the lovely packaging only adds to its unique gift giving potential.

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