Best whisky advent calendars of 2022 to enjoy a festive dram


There are two types of people out there: folks who countdown all year to Christmas, and everyone else.

Yes, December 25 is still many, many weeks away, but there’s nothing like a little organisation to start getting you in the festive spirit.

And if it’s festive spirit you’re after, there’s no better way than to put a boozy twist on a much-loved tradition like advent calendars.

Boxes packed with chocolate hiding behind 24 themed windows are a thing of the past - for grown ups, anyway. Now there’s a whole world of adult advent calendars to dive into with everything from beauty to gin to unveil every day until December 25.

While wine, beer and gin-filled advent calendars have been doing the wishlist rounds for a while now, attention (and demand) is turning to more specialised variations, such as tequila and whisky advent calendars.

Perfect for Scotch fans, a whisky advent calendar offers a tasty way to discover new varieties and brands without forking out on an entire bottle. Each dram typically comes in modest 30ml measures, designed to savour and appreciate.

The small volumes encourage education, exploration and learning and, along with tasting notes and videos via QR code, help you deepen your knowledge and regard for the beautiful craft that is whisky-making.

As well as booze, some calendars also pack in drinking accessories like glasses or whisky stones to help elevate the experience. If you’re really lucky, you could find a full sized bottle of the good stuff to open on the big day.

We’ve rounded up the best whisky calendars to warm your cockles this December.

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Single Malts of Scotland Advent Calendar

The story of Scotland’s whisky-making history is rich and colourful, so what better way to delve into it than with this whisky-packed advent, packaged in a bookish box? From light to densely peated, there are 25 x 30ml samples to wet your whistle, but all share one thing: they’re single cask varieties.

Ageing ranges from seven years to 31, from some of Scotland’s most prestigious distilleries.

Buy now £250.00, The Whisky Exchange

Whisky Advent Calendar - Explorers' Edition

The ultimate pre-Christmas gift for whisky fans comes in the form of this dram-packed advent calendar, designed to take your tastebuds on a journey around the UK and further afield. The colourful map-themed box, which will be despatched from October 10, comes with 30ml drams along with info about each one.

Buy now £99.95, Master of Malt

Old & Rare Whisky Advent Calendar (2022 Edition)

If you’re looking for an extra special advent countdown this year, this epic advent calendar won’t fail to hit the sweet spot. It not only features a stylish design, but it holds some of the most exclusive, elusive and high quality whiskies on the planet. Sit down and sip on something new every day until December 25 (with the included Glencairn tasting glass, no less) with 24 x 30ml drams from some of the most revered distilleries on Earth.

Despatched from October 10.

Buy now £999.95, Master of Malt

That Boutique-y Whisky Company Advent Calendar (2022 Edition)

There’s no danger of feeling parched this December with That Boutique-y Whisky Company’s advent calendar on your shelf. This year’s fun design showcases whisky elves preparing for the festivities. Behind each of the 24 windows is a 30ml sample dram siphoned from some of the world’s finest and specialist distillers.

Advents will be despatched from October 10.

Buy now £149.95, Master of Malt

Japanese Whisky Advent Calendar 2022 Edition

If you’re a fan of all things from the Land of the Rising Sun, continue your admiration for Japanese whisky with this advent from Drinks by the Dram. There are two designs to choose from: this original and a kintsugi option.

Each contain 24 x 30ml wax-sealed vials, delivering a host of exciting styles and flavour profiles. Brands include the well-established such as Suntory as well as smaller distillers. The design is recyclable, as long as you remove the wax first (comes off a treat with hot water).

Despatched from October 10.

Buy now £249.95, Master of Malt

Johnnie Walker 12 Days of Discovery limited edition calendar

Put a spring in their step this Christmas with Johnnie Walker’s limited edition whisky advent calendar. The handsome yellow and white box opens to reveal a dozen branded miniatures to enjoy in the 12 days before Christmas. Whether they’re new to the world of whisky or just want a journey through Johnnie Walker’s core range, it’s the perfect boozy gift for a fan.

Available now.

Buy now £49.00, Amazon

Drinks by the Dram World Whisky Advent Calendar 2022 edition

Though purists would argue Scottish whisky is the one true original, the spirit has been embraced the world over. This constellation-patterned advent offers a global perspective on the drink, presenting 24 x 30ml wax-sealed drams in advent calendar form. Prepare to explore booze from every corner of the globe.

Products will be despatched from October 10.

Buy now £149.95, Master of Malt

Single Cask Whisky Advent Calendar (2022 Edition)

Serving up another journey into the exquisiteness of whisky, Drinks by the Drams presents this calendar dedicated to unearthing delicious single cask whiskies.

The design, covered in a rustic wood print, includes 24 different wax-sealed glass drams by 22 distilleries from three nations.

Order now for despatch from October 10.

Buy now £249.95, Master of Malt

Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar (2022 Edition)

A bonnie option for your favourite Scotch whisky aficionado, Drinks by the Dram has made this advent calendar for those who love drinks crafted northwards of Hadrian’s Wall.

As with the other calendars in the brand’s series, this too offers 24 x 30 bottles sealed with wax. You’ll spot familiar names like Johnnie Walker, Jura and Dalmore, but a fair few curveballs too.

Choose from White Christmas and Original box designs, with both despatched from October 10.

Buy now £149.95, Master of Malt

Sapphire Whisky Advent Calendar 2022 edition

There are four whisky advent calendars at the retailer Really Good Whisky, each rising in price point in accordance with the liquid gold it offers. The most economical option is Sapphire, but just because it's under £100, it doesn't mean it's not special. There are 25 x 30ml glass bottles each holding whisky across strengths, from single malts to heavy peats. Parcelled in a bright blue box and decorated with festive baubles, it's a brilliant way to dip into whisky this Christmas.

Despatches from end of September.

Buy now £99.99, Really Good Whisky

The Whisky Exchange Spirits Advent Calendar

A gem for liquor lovers, this calendar brings the very best drinks from across the planet to your door this Christmas. The green and gold book design flips over to reveal 24 perfectly portioned miniatures, covering everything from richly flavoured whisky to artisan spirits from around the globe. When Christmas Day dawns, you’ll find a very special 25th bottle to mark the big day.

Packed to the brim with exclusive bottlings, craft spirits and some of the brightest names in biz, this epic calendar makes an extra luxurious treat to sink into before Christmas kicks off. We suggest enjoying your daily surprise in the evening; morning tastings may not go down well at the office!

Buy now £175.00, The Whisky Exchange