Best winter duvets 2021: high tog duvets to keep you toasty

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Colder weather is upon us, and one of the pros is that it gives us more excuse than ever to stay in bed.

As temperatures fall, we need to do more to make our homes the comfiest they can be. In the bedroom, that means packing away those light, summer blankets and duvets and dressing the bed with warm, fluffy higher-tog duvets instead.

What exactly is a tog?

A tog, short for Thermal Overall Grade, is a duvet’s measurement of warmth, much like the Richter scale for earthquakes or the Scoville scale to measure chilli heat. The higher up the scale you go, the toastier you’ll be.

When shopping for a winter duvet, a good rule of thumb is to look for duvets marked between 10 to 13.5 tog, although if you’re a hot sleeper you might want to go a bit lower.

How to care for your duvet

According to the Sleep Council, a duvet should last around five years, but if you buy one with a high-quality filling it should last for at least twice that. A lot of that will come down to how you care for your bedding. Luxury sleep brand Sheridan offers a few quick tips to keeping your quilt in the best shape possible.

  • Always follow the care instructions on product labels, as some materials require dry cleaning, whilst others are machine washable.

  • Your quilt should be washed at least once a year.

  • In between washes, try air drying your quilt in direct sunlight to release any moisture. The sun is a natural antibacterial agent which will keep your quilt hygienic and fresh, assisting to kill germs in between laundering.

  • As you change your quilt seasonally, place your quilt in a sealed bag so it stays fresh. Leave the zip slightly open to enable air to circulate while your quilt is stored.

Caring for Feather and Down Fill Duvets

Dry clean to remove any surface stains, but also to cleanse the down of any clusters of body oils, keeping them sleek and working well. Shake your cover regularly to keep things clumping.

Caring for Cotton Fill Duvets

Wash on a gentle machine wash, and avoid using any optical brighteners and do not bleach. Pull the cover into shape while it’s still wet and use several washing lines to air dry - don’t tumble dry or iron the duvet. You can also dry clean cotton filled duvets.

Caring for Wool Fill Duvets

Wash separately before use in an industrial size machine if you can on a wool cycle wash. Use a wool-specific detergent and line dry your quilt in the shade if possible. Do not tumble dry, iron or steam. Plump regularly to keep the duvet feeling fluffy. Dry cleaning is also an option.

Caring for Polyester Fill Duvets

If you have a synthetic duvet, you can keep it clean simply by slinging it in the washing machine on a warm cycle. Line dry over several lines once the wash is done. Do not bleach, soak or wring. Easy peasy.

Whether you’re planning a luxurious weekend lie-in or just want to get a decent night’s kip before work here’s our edit of the best 10+ tog wintertime duvets keep you snug as a bug.

See our favourites below

Homescapes Indulgent Pure Mulberry Silk Blend 13.5 Tog Autumn/Winter Duvet


Can you imagine anything more indulgent than cocooning yourself in a silk duvet when it’s frosty outside? Filled with mulberry silk, the fibres in this luxury cover act in a similar way to wool in that its temperature-regulating, hypoallergenic, strong and durable - so certainly not a case of all style and no substance.

Homescapes’ silk duvet comes in all the standard UK bed sizes, with a single starting at £39.99. The filling is wrapped in a 200 thread count cotton cover that’s breathable and comfortable which means no overheating or waking up a sweaty mess for you.

And unlike a feather down duvet, a silk one is super light too so you won’t feel smothered. A truly decadent buy for your cold weather hibernation nest.

From £39.99 | Homescapes

Brook + Wilde Marlowe Goose Down Duvet

Tog: 10.5

Temperatures have been known to plummet to -10 degrees in Budapest over the winter, which is why Hungarian goose feather and down is among the most luxurious duvet fillings around. Those birds know how to stay warm.

If you’re prepared to splash out and you’re fine around feathers (no allergies), then the Marlowe Goose Down Duvet is one of the most lavish covers money can buy.

It’s made with a sumptuous 100 per cent Egyptian cotton cover, stuffed with the finest white Hungarian goose down, offering the sort of deep, restful slumber only before seen by the likes of Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.

Available in single, double, king and superking sizes.

£629 | Brook + Wilde

Scooms Hungarian Goose Down Duvet

Tog: multi-tog duvet

Don’t like the idea of buying double duvets for the changing seasons? Head to Scooms for its All Seasons Duvet, made up of a 9tog and 4.5tog duvet that snap together with popper fasteners. Simply add or remove a layer until you achieve the right level of toastiness.

This is also a clever option for couples who feel the cold differently - one can wrap up in the 9 tog option while the other drifts off in the lighter 4.5 tog: everyone’s happy.

The internal filler is composed of 90 per cent Hungarian goose down and 10 per cent small goose feather to add a little comforting bulk. Both fit neatly into a standard duvet cover.

Measures 200 x 200cm and weighs 1168g.

£290 for a double | Scooms

Silentnight Hotel Collection Duvet - King

Tog: 13.5

A synthetic duvet may not sound as glamorous as goose or duck down, but if you suffer from allergies, they are a lifesaver. You can count on sleep specialist Silentnight to make it luxurious as shown by its ultra-indulgent Hotel Collection.

It’s a case of five-star elegance all the way with a fine hollowfibre filling and a chic embossed cover that feels every bit as luxe as it looks. This one comes in a very cosy 13.5 tog rating, although there is a 10.5 option too. Available in single, double and king sizes.

£32.78 | Amazon

Luxury Duck Down Duvet

Tog: 13.5

Curl up under the Luxury Duck Down duvet for less than you would expect at DUSK. The plump, huggable duvet is packed with fluffy duck down and feathers that act as a natural insulator, while still being breathable. It’s all wrapped up in a crisp cotton cover for the sort of sleep you might expect in a luxury hotel - especially if you combine it with bed linen from DUSK’s collection (the monochrome Albany Duvet Cover reminds us of happier times abroad in a five-star resort).

The duvet is stitched in a baffle wall feature to keep the filling from moving around and bunching in corners.

If the 13.5 tog feels too warm for you, the brand also offers an All Seasons Duvet composed of a 4.5 tog duvet and a 9 tog duvet which can be buttoned together to form a 13.5 tog duvet for an adaptable duvet that you can use all year round.

Free delivery over £50.

From £70 | DUSK

John Lewis & Partners Natural Duck Feather and Down Duvet

Tog: 13.5

Get a sleep so good you won't want to get out of bed with this premium duvet from department store chain, John Lewis.

The inner is filled with a higher ratio of feathers to down, which means you’ll get warmth and comfort from the reassuring weight, in a similar way to a weighted blanket.

There's no need to worry about the cover splitting and waking up in a nest of feathers either, thanks to the piped 230 thread count cotton cover which is down-proof, so the feathers can't get free. Every purchase comes with a five year guarantee.

If you’re an allergy-sufferer, you can bag a similar duvet with the same tog rating but with a synthetic filling at John Lewis, starting from just £35.

From £45 | John Lewis

Shop all John Lewis winter duvets

eve The Snug Duvet


There's no danger of Jack Frost nipping at your toes when you're ensconced in this 13.5 tog duvet, the warmest eve has to offer.

Designed to feel just like down, the filling is made from hypoallergenic microfibre with cashmere in a baffle box construction to keep everything in place. It’s incredibly huggable and is the closest thing we can imagine to being wrapped in a cloud. You’ll never want to get out of bed.

Available in single, double, UK king and superking sizes.

From £90 | eve Sleep

Eve Sleep The Microfibre Climate Duvet 13 tog - from £95

Snuggledown Luxury Duck Down Duvet, Double

Tog: 13.5

Light and breathable, this 13.5 tog winter duvet is a mix of sumptuously fluffy duck down gathered in an internal box construction which prevents the filling from doing that annoying bunching up thing in the middle of the night.

Complemented with a cotton cover, it’s an all-natural soft and cosy quilt that’s made for snuggling down into. Keep it clean and fresh by slinging it into the washing machine at 40 degrees. Available in single, double, king and superking.

£123.65 | Amazon

Downland Duck Feather Down All Seasons Duvet - Double

Tog: 15

They say you get what you pay for and with this Downland duvet draped over you, you'll certainly feel the warmth of your hard-earned cash all night.

It's a lavish all-season duo made up of a 4.5tog and a 10.5tog duvet, both filled with a plump inner made up of 90 per cent duck feather and 10 per cent down.

The all-natural duvets are machine-washable too so you can chuck them into the wash when it starts to get a bit fusty. Wrapped in a 100 per cent cotton cover.

£94 | Argos

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Sheridan Deluxe Dream Quilt

Tog: 10.5

It’s reasonable that when the weather’s grey and miserable outside, all you want to do is hibernate under the covers. And with the average person spending a third of their lives in bed, now’s the perfect time to invest in a plush cover to ensure it’s the nicest place to rest your head this winter. Enter Sheridan, a luxury Australian homeware brand. It’s line of duvets is small but concise; they offer the Deluxe Dream Quilt Cover and the Deluxe Duck Down, perfect for the new season.

The difference between the two? The Deluxe Dream Quilt (from £77) is great for people with allergies, thanks to the 100 per cent polyester hollowfibre and blended micro-fibre fill, all wrapped up in a 300 thread count cotton case. It’s 10.5 tog, so perfect a perfect year-round sleep partner.

If you prefer the fanciness of feathers though, opt instead for Sheridan’s Deluxe Duck Down Quilt (from £94.50) which is made up of an 80:20 ratio of white duck down and white duck feathers. This one offers even warmth distribution, making it a great trans-seasonal option.

Both options come in single, double, king and superking sizes.

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Silentnight Soft as Silk Duvet


With a 13.5 tog rating, you may expect this duvet to cost more than it does but starting at just £26 for a single, it's an affordable option for students and those on a tight budget.

That said, it certainly doesn't feel like a cheap duvet. Soft and bouncy thanks to the fill of super springy fibres and soft Percale cover, it's hypo-allergenic too, making it ideal for those who get sneezy around all-natural designs. Comes with a five-year guarantee and is machine-washable and tumble dry safe.

If you share a bed with someone who’s forever too hot, or too cold, Silentnight also offers a dual-tog duvet from £29.

From £26 | Amazon

Also available at Wayfair, Very and George

Shop all cold weather duvets at Silentnight

Luxury 16.5 Tog Warm Extra Full Hollowfibre Duvet Quilt

Tog: 16.5

Perfect for those who feel a chill even in the heat of summer, this super plump 16.5 tog duvet offers an incredible degree of cosiness - you may not even need to keep your central heating on with this warmer wrapped around you.

The premium duvet is stitched to keep the non-allergenic filling in place and finished with a smooth cotton-blend cover that ensures airflow and keeps the duvet feeling beautifully breathable.

Machine washable to 40 degrees.

£36.97 | Amazon

Shop all duvets at Amazon here

Nanu Hot & Not Duvet

Tog: 4.5 - 15

If you share a bed with a human furnace or icicle, it can be hard to agree on a single duvet that will satisfy both parties. This is where Nanu’s Hot & Not duvet comes in.

The unique split-weight covering can be made warmer on one side than the other, allowing you both to drift off in your ideal sleeping temperature and bringing blissful peace to the bedroom.

Choose from in double or king size, and from togs that range from extra light (4.5tog) to a super toasty 15 tog. Before you order, a word of warning; you can only go one tog level up or down so if you're a duo who experience polar shifts in heat, you may be better off getting separate duvets altogether.

From £50 | Nanu Sleep

The Simba Hybrid Duvet

Tog: 10.5

We’re in for months of shorter days, grey rain and anaemic temperatures as we head into deepest, darkest winter. Welcome the cold days the only way we know how: with an indulgent new duvet to keep you safe and warm all through the season.

Sleep experts Simba recently launched its new Hybrid Pro mattress, with bedding to match - including this duvet. It’s made with space-inspired fabric tech and takes your nightly rest to the next level by wicking away moisture, keeping you comfortable and cool until dawn.

From £99 | Simba


For indulgence without the allergies (or hit to the bank balance), Homescapes' silk duvet is our top winter duvet buy. It feel luxurious, yet light and offers a sublime night's rest.

The only thing more luxurious is Brook + Wilde's Marlowe Goose Down Duvet, but from £419 for a single, we understand it can be beyond most shoppers price brackets.

If you're a couple with different heat preferences, the bedroom can become a battlefield. That's why Scooms' all-seasons duvet is a helpful mediary: you can each have a duvet to suit you, or combine them for a super warm covering on those extra-frosty nights.

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