Bethenny Frankel Shares Why She Felt 'Relieved' When She Had a Miscarriage During Jason Hoppy Marriage

The former couple shares daughter Bryn, 13

<p>Raymond Hall/GC Images</p> Bethenny Frankel

Raymond Hall/GC Images

Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny Frankel is recalling a difficult decision during her marriage to ex Jason Hoppy.

In a new episode of her podcast Just B with Bethenny Frankel, the reality TV star, 53, remembered feeling "relieved" after having a miscarriage while married to Hoppy. At the time, Frankel was already mom to a young girl and six weeks pregnant with their second baby.

"In a constructive way, I said, 'I'm kind of relieved...because I don't think this is a healthy or positive relationship,' " Frankel recalls telling Hoppy, also 53. "It was like the first step to saying something."

While she was happier, Frankel says Hoppy didn't express the same feelings.

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"And he said to me, 'You're a real piece of s---, you know that?' " she recalls. "He moved out to a hotel downtown for a couple of nights, and it was total relief."

Frankel and Hoppy share daughter Bryn, 13.

On last week's episode of her podcast, the former Real Housewives of New York City star shared that she has instilled some fear in her daughter about living in New York City. Describing that she thinks New York City is "kind of dead," the longtime New Yorker said that she's not trying to be a hater, but something has changed in the city.

"But it’s taken a real beating. I was talking today to my publicist and her friend knew someone who was held at gunpoint at Dunkin’ Donuts. My daughter’s friend was held up at gunpoint at Dunkin’ Donuts, coincidentally. My same friend knew someone who got hit in the face with a brick by a homeless person in New York City," Frankel said, adding that she recently described how she was allegedly hit in the face.

"I just think of my daughter walking up and down the aisles of CVS and thinking life is normal, and it freaks me out," she shared.

Later in the podcast, Frankel said she's been making her daughter Bryn paranoid after sending her so many stories about crime in N.Y.C.

"My daughter, anywhere she is, [I’m like,] ‘Wait a minute, how’d you get there? What time is it? Was it dark? Wait a minute.’ I send her every story to the point where I’m annoying. You don’t want to scare your kids. You don’t want to freak them out."

"What do I do? Scare my kid, freak her out. I’m choosing fear. I want to instill fear in her because my alternative is pain and death and crime. This is what we’re dealing with. The choices for my daughter are ‘instill fear’ or ‘she’s walking through the streets of Manhattan thinking everything’s normal.’"

Frankel went on to say that she doesn't want this life for her daughter and "wants her out of the city." "My daughter has pepper spray and one of those alarm things. She’s had it since she was 12," the podcaster shared.

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