Better Call Saul: Fans stunned by ‘genius’ guest star announcement

Better Call Saul has announced the newest guest star to feature in the forthcoming episodes of the final season, and fans are shocked.

The Breaking Bad prequel concluded the first half of its sixth season on AMC on 23 May in the US and on Netflix the day after in the UK. It is currently in the middle of a seven-week mid-season break.

Part two will return with its final six episodes airing weekly, beginning on 11 July in the US and 12 July in the UK.

On Monday (27 June), ahead of its highly anticipated return, the series’ official Twitter account welcomed Carol Burnett as Marion to its final season.

While many fans seemed stunned by the news, they continued to celebrate the “spoiler,” praising it as the “most amazing casting”.

“I am so excited for this, y'all!!! I've been a massive Carol Burnett fan all my life. One of my favourite actors/comedians on my favourite show?” one user wrote.

“Noooooo Wayyyyyyy! This is absolutely the most amazing news we could possibly get!” another echoed. “Sooooo excited!!!!”

Someone added: “For real? This might be the most amazing casting ever if it’s true. Genius move. Can’t wait!”

Others began speculating who Marion could be and how her role would tie into the storyline. Some guessed she might be Walter White’s mother, Howard’s mother, or Saul’s mother.

“A judge maybe?” one suggested. Another argued: “If I had to guess, she is playing the vacuum cleaner’s wife or an older Kim Wexler’s mother.”

“I was wondering why she was at the Walk of Fame ceremony,” one remembered, noting Burnett’s appearance at Bob Odenkirk’s Hollywood star ceremony in April.

Better Call Saul part two returns on 11 July on AMC TV in the US and 12 July on Netflix in the UK.