Beyoncé duets with Miley Cyrus on new album

Beyoncé has recorded a duet with Miley Cyrus on her new album Cowboy Carter.

The superstar sings with Miley Cyrus on the track II Most Wanted, according to Entertainment Weekly, who have heard a preview of the album.

The album also features Post Malone on the track Levii's Jeans, while and country and hip-hop artist Shaboozey sings on the track Spaghettii.

There are also cameos from Dolly Parton and Willie Nelson who appear as DJs on the conceptual KNTRY radio station embedded in the album. Dolly introduces Beyonce singing her 1973 hit Jolene, which contains updated lyrics.

Linda Martell, who was the first black female country star introduces the track, Ya Ya, which features bits of the Beach Boys' hit Good Vibrations.

Cowboy Carter has 27 tracks in total, including interludes. It's due to be released on 29 March around the world.