A Beyoncé fan sustained injuries after she was knocked down and 'body surfed' multiple rows at a Renaissance concert, sparking concern about nosebleed sections at large stadiums

  • 28-year-old Jasmine Salan was thrilled to see her idol, Beyoncé, perform at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles.

  • Her experience took a turn for the worse after she was knocked over and tumbled down multiple rows.

  • "The staff members there at SoFi, at least for me, they weren't any help at all," Salan said in a viral TikTok.

A devout Beyoncé fan — and an incident during a recent concert that left her with scrapes and bruises — has sparked a discourse about the dangers of nosebleed sections in massive stadiums.

Jasmine Salan, 28, was thrilled to see her favorite musician of all time perform live at the massive SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles on September 2. A self-identified member of the "Beyhive" and a fan since 2004, Salan told Insider she purchased her tickets immediately after they were made available and had a very fun time getting ready and putting her outfit together. But the concert didn't go as she anticipated. In fact, it took a dangerous turn.

In a TikTok that's been viewed over 250,000 times, Salan told viewers last week that around 20 to 30 minutes into the show, a drunk woman fell onto Salan, sending her tumbling down the steep decline of section 532 where she was seated. (The 500s sections are at the very back and top of SoFi Stadium.)


Salan said she body-surfed down three to four rows, and when attendees there helped her break her fall, she found herself completely disoriented and in a state of "shock." Salan happened to capture the scary moment on her phone since she was already recording the concert, which showed a long shot of the stage and then her camera spinning while her screams could be heard in the background.

"I'm shaking and I'm crying," Salan said in the video. "My boyfriend rushes down there and I ask him, 'What happened?'"

Salan said she had trouble walking at first. And when they finally returned back to their seats, she realized she was soaked with beer, and she didn't feel comfortable standing there anymore. Salan and her boyfriend left their seats and tried to get assistance from SoFi employees, she recounted, including the security and the guest services. She said they directed them to other staff, like first aid, but they found no employees there. The only people who helped her were the janitor and two women (whom Salan described as "so sweet") who gave her ice packs for her injuries.

Salan wanted accommodations, like a wheelchair, but they couldn't locate stadium ushers, she said in the clip.

"The staff members there at SoFi, at least for me, they weren't any help at all. They didn't know what they were doing," she said. "I don't think they were qualified for their jobs."

Salan told Insider that she and her boyfriend attempted to stand by the restroom so they could catch a bit of the show, but left after 10 minutes because her body started to hurt. In the video, she showed bumps and scratches on her legs, arms, hands, and hip areas.

On TikTok, commenters who commiserated with Salan said her scary ordeal should raise alarms about the safety of nosebleed sections, especially at these massive venues.

"I'm so sorry .. 500 sections shouldn't even be a thing.. that's too high," a top commenter wrote.

"I get it. The Renaissance tour was my first time in the nosebleeds and I was literally too scared to stand up because it was so steep with no barriers," wrote another user.

Others suggested imposing drink limits for those seated in these sections to prevent future accidents.

As of Monday, a week after the incident took place, Salan said she still hasn't heard back from SoFi Stadium, despite leaving multiple voice messages and emails through their website. Salan said she isn't looking for compensation —simply an acknowledgment of what happened. The venue did not return Insider's requests for comment.

"It was our first time at SoFi and my boyfriend's first Beyonce concert with me," she told Insider. "I was extremely sad as I had been looking forward to this concert since February."

Salan said she hopes her story can at least alert concertgoers and venues about the dangers of back-row seats — especially as not everyone can afford to doll hundreds if not thousands of dollars for better seats for major blockbuster musicians like Beyonce.

"At the end of the day, as amazing as an accommodation would have been, I just hope my TikTok brings awareness for future concertgoers at any event they attend," Salan said. "Our safety is most important, and I hope SoFi does better at hiring more staff as well as trained staff."

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