Beyoncé fans thank Blue Ivy for preventing huge Renaissance setlist omission

Beyoncé has officially released her new concert movie, Renaissance, A Film by Beyoncé, and fans are already sharing what they’ve learnt about the US pop titan’s mammoth tour.

The film, which is almost three hours long, charts the years of work it took to put together Beyoncé’s record-breaking tour in support of her 2022 album, Renaissance.

In one fan-favourite moment, Beyoncé’s 11-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, can be seen making an impassioned demand for her 2008 song “Diva”, from her third studio album I Am... Sasha Fierce, to be included in the setlist.

While Beyoncé initially tells her daughter to “take it down” during the meeting with her team, she ramps up the comedy factor by interspersing the clip with footage of her performing “Diva” during her Renaissance shows, proving that Blue Ivy got her wish.

Fans are now thanking her for backing one of their favourite tracks, and joking about her precocious attitude with a flurry of memes on social media.

“Blue Ivy being a ‘Diva’ stan WAS actually on my bingo card,” one fan wrote on X/Twitter.

“Blue Ivy is the manager. If she says ‘Diva’ will *not* be cut from the show, it’s not getting cut from the show,” another joked.

Another fan remarked: “I just want to Thank Blue Ivy for standing up for us and making sure Diva made the set list. I also want to thank her for the courage to press her mom about performing. Truth be told I bought my Chicago ticket literally to see Blue perform.”

 (Twitter / @beyoncegarden)
(Twitter / @beyoncegarden)

Blue Ivy joined her mother onstage for a number of performances during the rendition of “Her Power”, later leading a troupe of dancers for “Black Parade”.

Beyoncé had balked at the idea of allowing her young daughter to go onstage in front of 70,000 people, fearing that she hadn’t gone through the same kind of performance training to cope with that level of scrutiny.

After Blue Ivy made her Renaissance tour debut in Paris, Beyoncé was apparently “dismayed” to discover that she had read negative social media comments about her supposed “lacklustre” moves.

However, she was thrilled when her daughter decided to “put in the work” to improve, later joining her at multiple stops on the tour.

Beyoncé premiered Renaissance at a glittering event in Leicester Square, London, last night (Thursday 30 November), where stars including Taylor Swift turned up to support her.

The Independent’s five-star review of the Renaissance film hailed it as a “dazzling, spectacular” look at the work that goes into putting on such a huge tour.

“For anyone who doubts the necessity of a concert film, well, prepare to stand corrected. This isn’t just a highlights reel. It’s a rare and remarkable look at the staggering, Spielberg-style production that goes into putting on a show like Renaissance.”