Beyonce recalls being inspired by her mom's salon

Beyonce felt inspired by the people she met in her mom's salon.

The 42-year-old star actually worked in Tina Knowles' hair salon during her younger years, and Beyonce admits that it's been a huge inspiration to her throughout her adult life.

The award-winning singer - who is married to rap star Jay-Z - told Essence magazine: "My mom had a roster of amazing clients at her salon, and while the environment was therapeutic for them, it was also for me.

"She found a therapist for me, during a period when I was extremely introverted and hardly spoke. It was in her salon that I realised my dreams of being a performer - inspired by one of her clients who happened to be an opera singer.

"I was captivated by her stories of a recent trip to Germany. In awe, I distinctly remember telling my mom that I wanted to be just like her client."

Beyonce believes that those experiences have helped to shape her character and her sense of style.

The 'Crazy in Love' hitmaker - who was born in Houston, Texas - shared: "So much of the fabric of who I am came from her salon. It is something that just connects to all of my senses, and it’s a beautiful place to grow up.

"That’s my foundation - and I think as an artist, so much of my bold experimentation with hair comes from being inspired by art and sculptures; getting creative with braids; figuring out new techniques; and exploring ways to maintain hair growth with protective styles and wigs, while still feeling fabulous. It all stems from my experiences growing up in my mother’s salon."