Beyond Paradise airs surprise ending for Martha and Archie

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Beyond Paradise airs twist for Martha and ArchieCraig Hardie / Red Planet Pictures - BBC

Beyond Paradise episode 4 spoilers follow.

Beyond Paradise aired a surprise twist in Martha and Archie’s story, with tensions coming to a head in tonight’s (March 24) episode.

The pair, who are played by Sally Bretton and Jamie Bamber respectively, have been wrestling with their feelings over the past few weeks, with Archie proving to be an annoyance for both her and her fiancée Humphrey (Kris Marshall).

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With Martha facing a visit from a critic, the last thing she needed was old flame Archie bringing up their past relationship, but he went ahead anyway and attempted to drive a wedge between her and Humphrey.

At the conclusion of the episode, the pair were (seemingly) left alone in the restaurant, with Archie making a move on his ex-fiancée, much to her disgust. His attempts at rekindling their spark didn’t work however, with Martha slapping him and storming off as he tried to land a kiss.

Despite thinking they were alone, Anne (Barbara Flynn) was watching the whole incident through the door, but crucially turned away to greet Humphrey just as her daughter landed the blow.

As she glanced back to see a wounded Archie holding his face, one wonders if she knows the true outcome, or if Martha acted on the feelings that Anne believed she harboured…

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Craig Hardie / Red Planet Pictures - BBC

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Fans took to social media to express their delight at the developments, with one user tweeting: “Bloody hell Martha even I felt that slap #BeyondParadise.” Another user echoed these sentiments, writing: “That slap had to [hurt] @ImJamieBamber Martha’s got a decent right hook #BeyondParadise @BeyondPOfficial.”

Elsewhere in the episode, Martha revealed to Humphrey that she didn’t want to go through IVF treatment, and subsequently confided to her mother that she felt he deserved better.

In terms of the crime-solving, Humphrey was tasked with a mysterious case involving an unidentified victim, crop circles, a deceased convict and potentially extra-terrestrial beings…

Death in Paradise and its spin-off, Beyond Paradise, air on BBC One and stream on BBC iPlayer.

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