Beyond Paradise viewers divided over Humphrey and Martha twist

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Beyond Paradise viewers divided over twistBBC

Beyond Paradise episode 2 spoilers follow

Death in Paradise spin-off Beyond Paradise has continued, with tonight's (March 3) episode teasing a potential love triangle between Humphrey, Martha and her former fiancé Archie (Jamie Bamber).

As Humphrey and the Shipton Abbott team investigated the disappearance the Colbert family, a blast from Martha's past dealt another blow to the pair's relationship.

With the couple coming to terms over a heartbreaking miscarriage, Martha was focused on opening her cafe. Unable to secure a loan for contractors, she was shocked to learn Humphrey had bought a houseboat without consulting her.

However, a solution quickly presented itself in the form of vineyard owner Archie, who offered to be a junior partner in the cafe.

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Martha was keen to reveal the news to her fiancé but wasn't too happy for Archie to reveal the pair's former engagement and neither was Humphrey, who was left dealing with lingering feelings of jealously for the rest of the episode.

The reveal of a former partner, one who seemingly has the seal of approval from Martha's own mother, was also a cause for concern amongst viewers — who voiced their opinions across Twitter.

"Yeah, Archie is the type of bloke you need to worry about Humphrey. He looks like Jamie Bamber. You're in big trouble," one viewer wrote.

While another added: "Anyone else get the feeling Anne is going to try and steer Martha back to Archie?"

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Not all viewers were too happy at the prospect of a love triangle for couple.

"I really hope that Archie and Humphrey just become good mates, with no love triangle, no tension and that's it also because the 'ex is better than me and I'm pathetic and insecure, even though professionally I'm at the top of me game' is a trope done to death," another viewer added, hoping for a happier resolution to the scenario.

Despite Humphrey missing the café opening to resolve the Colbert family case (which itself dealt with the tragic fallout of an affair), the couple were able to reconnect later, seemingly squashing any cause for concern.

But will Archie's appearance come back to cause problems for the couple as they navigate the road ahead?

Death in Paradise and its spin-off, Beyond Paradise, air on BBC One and stream on BBC iPlayer.

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