Beyond Paradise's new episode has Doctor Who star in guest role

peter davison in beyond paradise
Beyond Paradise saw Doctor Who star in guest roleAlex Hill - BBC

Beyond Paradise season 2 episode 2 spoilers follow.

Beyond Paradise introduced Doctor Who star Peter Davison as its latest guest star, and fans are calling for him to become a series regular.

During the series premiere it was revealed that Martha's mother Anne had decided to find love on a dating website after the death of her husband, despite her daughter's initial reservations.

After an unsuccessful date with a man named Oliver, tonight's (March 29) episode saw Anne decide to give the dating app another go, matching with a man called Richard Baxter (Davison) had asked to take her for a "cream tea and walk in the park."

The mother and daughter's conversation was interrupted by Richard's arrival, with his appearance and polite manners appearing to impress Martha.

barbara flynn and peter davison in beyond paradise
Ed Miller - BBC

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Following the date Anne then met up with her daughter, refusing to answer her questions in any more detail than "he was lovely."

Anne then revealed that she was unsure about the finer details of dating etiquette, revealing to a mortified Martha that her friend Elsie said that inviting someone in for a coffee meant that you wanted to sleep together.

Viewers were overjoyed to see the Fifth Doctor show up as a guest star in the episode, with many fans calling for him to become a series regular.

peter davison in beyond paradise
Alex Hill - BBC

"Oh my god Peter Davidson marry the man, marry him make him become a regular," one person said, while a second joked: "Peter Davison getting into a blue mode of transport. It'll never catch on."

"#BeyondParadise Peter Davison 'dating' Barbara Flynn? Oh come on! That can't be a casting coincidence," a third wrote, referencing the pair's role in 1986 comedy series A Very Peculiar Practice.

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Elsewhere in the episode, Humphrey and DS Esther Williams got to work investigating the case of Belle Hammond, a woman who had seen a series of predictions made by a psychic who claimed to be in touch with her recently deceased grandfather come true.

Psychic Claire's readings proved to be a little too accurate, with Humphrey and Esther ultimately working out that Claire had been instructed to gain Belle's trust in order for him to steal a valuable war medal she had inherited.

Death in Paradise airs on and its spin-off, Beyond Paradise, both air on BBC One and stream on BBC iPlayer.

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