BGT airs shocking ninth Golden Buzzer act

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BGT reveals shocking ninth Golden Buzzer actNick Eagle - ITV

Britain's Got Talent spoilers follow.

Tonight's (May 26) Britain's Got Talent episode revealed a shocking ninth Golden Buzzer act, as the auditions drew to a close.

The Japanese double-dutch group Haribow energetically took to the stage, stating that they were "here to win", after taking a 20 hour trip to audition.

Performing with their skipping ropes, the group wowed the judges with a skillfully choreographed routine, which included dancing and backflips.

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After receiving a standing ovation from the judges and audience, there were immediate calls for a Golden Buzzer from behind the panel.

"I've done two, I've got none left," Amanda Holden told her daughter Hollie, who was sitting in the crowd, next to Simon Cowell's son Eric.

"They really want a Golden Buzzer, don't they?" added Simon, listening to the cheers.

Amanda praised the "hours and hours of practice" that went into the "outstanding performance", while Alesha Dixon struggled to relay her comments over the crowd's chants. "I can't hear myself think," she exclaimed.

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In an attempt to calm the audience, Bruno Tonioli explained the predicament. "We've got none left. We can't," he said, referring to the Golden Buzzers.

Simon persevered with his feedback, telling the group: "You know sometimes, when you watch an audition, I'm sitting here thinking I genuinely don't know what to say. When it's brilliant like this it's just – words aren't really necessary.

"My son is literally going crazy right now," he added, before surprisingly telling Hollie: "You do it".

Having been given Simon's approval, the two kids ran onto stage and pressed the Golden Buzzer, much to the crowd's delight.

"They pressed it for the audience" said Amanda, as Haribow celebrated their successful performance. In a series first, Simon decided the Golden Buzzer was on behalf of the audience, telling them: "I'm gonna give this one to all of you".

Britain's Got Talent airs on ITV1 and ITVX.

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