BGT star Alesha Dixon pays tribute to Eurovision in live TV rap

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BGT's Alesha pays tribute to Eurovision in TV rapAnthony Devlin - Getty Images

Britain's Got Talent judge Alesha Dixon has paid tribute to Eurovision in a live TV rap during the contest's first semi-final night.

In a nod to her Mis-Teeq days, Dixon — who's hosting the semi-finals for the 67th Eurovision Song Contest alongside Ukrainian singer Julia Sanina and Ted Lasso's Hannah Waddingham — performed a rap about the competition.

During the rap, Dixon treated fans in the Liverpool arena to a brief history of Eurovision and gave a nod to last year's winners Kalush Orchestra.

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PAUL ELLIS - Getty Images

The contest, which is taking place this week in Liverpool as the UK hosts on behalf of Ukraine, kicked off with an emotional short film featuring a posthumous appearance by comedian Paul O'Grady.

Alesha's short performance seemed to be a hit in the stadium as well as with fans at home, with many taking to social media to express their joy at her freestyle rap.

"Honestly the first semifinal has been on for 30 minutes and it's already iconic and so gorgeously done. Hannah Waddingham speaking French: sexy. Alesha Dixon rapping: iconic. Paul O'Grady in the intro: sobbing," one fan said on Twitter.

"Whatever they are paying Alesha Dixon, it isn't enough," wrote one viewer, while another tweeted: "Alesha Dixon rapping is peak Eurovision craziness."

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While 15 countries performed during tonight's semi-final, just 10 countries made it through to the Grand Final, scheduled for Saturday, May 13. Before then, another semi-final will take place on Thursday, May 11.

Making it through to perform on Saturday are Croatia, Moldova, Switzerland, Finland, Czechia, Norway, Israel, Portugal, Sweden and Serbia.

TV legend Graham Norton will join hosts Alesha, Julia and Hannah for the Grand Final, alternating with Bake Off alum Mel Giedroyc on commentary duties.

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