New Biden-Harris ads highlight Trump’s ‘failures’ to Black Americans

The Biden-Harris reelection campaign have launched two new television ads aimed at highlighting the “disaster” former President Trump would be for Black Americans if he is reelected president.

The ads, “Back” and “Price,” feature President Biden speaking directly to Black voters.

“As bad as Trump was, his economy was worse, and Black America felt it the most,” Biden said. “He cut health insurance while giving tax breaks to the wealthy and big business. He stoked racial violence, attacked voting rights, and, if reelected, vowed to be a dictator and, quote, get revenge. We can’t go back.”

The two ads will run through April 21 in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin — four critical swing states in the presidential election.

The Biden-Harris campaign also plans to air the ads on Black-owned properties including NewsOne, Blavity and The Shade Room, and on streaming platforms during basketball games in the NCAA Tournament.

This is the second set of ads the Biden-Harris 2024 team has launched speaking directly to Black voters in battleground states.

In February, Black History Month, the team aired two ads highlighting the promises the administration kept to the Black community.

Trump has also been working to court Black voters over the past few months.

From attending the Black Conservative Federation’s annual gala to hinting at choosing a Black running mate to starting a sneaker line, Trump has been working to build Black voter support.

Quentin Fulks, principal deputy campaign manager for the Biden-Harris reelection campaign, said Trump was a “complete failure” for Black Americans.

“Black unemployment and uninsured rates spiked, his botched response to COVID-19 put the lives of our community at risk, and he dismantled a rule that combated housing bias against Black Americans,” Fulks said in a statement.

But under Biden and Vice President Harris, Fulks said, Black wealth increased by 60 percent since the pandemic and Black unemployment hit a historic low.

Fulks also pointed to the $137 billion forgiven in student loan debt, which disproportionately impacts Black borrowers.

“The stakes are extremely high for Black America and unlike Donald Trump, President Biden and Vice President Harris have put in the work and are not taking a single voter for granted,” said Fulks.

The Biden-Harris reelection campaign has been outspoken in recent months on what they call Trump’s history of “anti-Black” comments.

Still, Biden may have his work cut out for him.

Though Black voters in swing states like Georgia were key to Biden’s 2020 victory over Trump, a new Reuters/Ipsos poll found that 37 percent of Biden’s Black supporters were “considerably less likely than his white backers” to respond that they were voting for him to stop Trump.

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