Biden heads to Southwest to shore up Latino support

President Joe Biden headed to the southwest Tuesday on a mission to shore up his support with Latino voters.

With polls showing a slippage in Hispanic support, Biden journeyed to Nevada and then planned to continue to Arizona as he seeks to keep the two swing states in his column come November.

In remarks to supporters in Reno on Tuesday, Biden said he’s “never heard a president say the things that he has said,” later adding, “We’re going to beat him again.”

The president won the Southwest region in 2020 with healthy support from Latino voters, although he barely eked out wins over Trump in Nevada and Arizona.

He trumpets his support for abortion rights and strong job growth as key selling points to Latinos and other working class voters.

Polls show Hispanic voters have been drifting away from Democrats, although they are a diverse group and it’s difficult to pinpoint nationwide trends.

Biden also was heading to Las Vegas later Tuesday to promote his administration’s housing policies and Phoenix for more campaign stops on Wednesday to discuss his support of the computer chip manufacturing sector.

Biden campaign officials say they are determined to make a stronger, more-explicit effort to woo the Latino vote.

The campaign launched a Spanish language campaign website and the president is doing interviews with Spanish radio and TV.

In an interview with Univision, Biden turned questions about immigration into an indictment of Trump for calling migrants “animals” and saying immigrants are “poisoning the blood” of the U.S. Biden also said the former president is a racist who “despises” Latinos.

He also slammed Trump’s pledge to carry out mass deportations if given another term, and boasted of his own Irish immigrant heritage.

“We have to stop this guy; we can’t let this happen,” Biden said. “We are a nation of immigrants.”