Biden repeats promise to Black Americans: ‘I have your back’

President Biden in a Saturday interview doubled down on his commitment to stand by Black Americans and pointed to his record of support for Black-owned small businesses and to strong job creation numbers.

“You promised Black America that … you’d have our back. Do you feel you have our backs?” MSNBC’s Jonathan Capehart asked Biden in a clip that aired Sunday.

“I have your back, as much as any president has in American history since Lyndon Johnson,” Biden responded. “Black wealth has increased by 60 percent, across the board.”

Biden said he has been meeting with Black business owners who are getting government loans and direct payments that have helped get their businesses off the ground.

“Look, there’s not a single thing they can’t do given a shot. Just given a shot. It’s not only Black, but Hispanic and Asian Americans. That’s why all three of these major organizations endorsed me today,” Biden said, referring to a trio of endorsements from major political action committees representing Asian American, Black and Latino voters.

The AAPI Victory Fund, the Collective PAC and the Latino Victory Fund on Saturday rolled out their endorsements, along with a $30 million commitment to help mobilize communities of color to support Biden’s reelection campaign.

“Because we’ve done, we’ve kept them in business. We’ve moved them along, more small businesses open than any time in 50 years,” Biden said, adding that small businesses make up half the economy.

Biden also touted his efforts to build products in America, relying on American workers.

“Well, that’s what I’m doing,” Biden said. “And I said, I’m going to make sure that 20 percent of all that goes to minority businesses, to small businesses. Guess what? 21 percent has gone. It’s growing the economy. It’s bringing the nation together.”

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