Big Bang Theory: Young Sheldon sheds light on lingering question about his first roommate

Big Bang Theory: Young Sheldon sheds light on lingering question about his first roommate

The fifth season of Young Sheldon has answered a lingering question about Sheldon’s first roommate in The Big Bang Theory.

Fans of the hit sitcom will know that Sheldon (Jim Parsons) had a first roommate, Sebastian (Oscar nominee Steven Yeun), prior to Leonard (Johnny Galecki) moving in.

Not much is known about Sebastian’s relationship with Sheldon but if his parting words – “Die Sheldon Die” – scrawled on the wall are anything to go by, it was far from a happy roommate scenario.

As noted by Screenrant, however, the fifth season of TBBG’s prequel series Young Sheldon has shed some light on the topic.

Episode four – titled “Pish Posh and a Secret Back Room” – sees young Sheldon (Iain Armitage) alone in his bedroom after his twin sister Missy moves out, just as he had wished for.

Given Sheldon’s preferenc for having things done a particular way, this should’ve been ideal given that he has his bedroom all to himself.

However, the episode sees Sheldon grow gradually unhappy with the set-up, proving that despite his anti-social outward demeanour, he does want human contact.

As the publication notes, this explains why a grown-up Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory did not kick out Sebastian despite the living situation clearly having devolved into uninhabitable.


Fans of TBBT had been confused as to why Sheldon – who was subletting the apartment – hadn’t forced Sebastian out, but Young Sheldon appears to have somewhat answered the question.

Sheldon learned early on that he wants to be around others, even if their presence made him miserable or anxious. The character also never tried to ban visitors to the apartment despite his constant complaining.

Earlier this year, Kaley Cuoco – who rose to fame as Penny in the hit sitcom – reflected on how her character was sexualised in the hit series.

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