Big Brother 2023: Where have you seen some of the housemates before?

From Deal or No Deal to Come Dine With Me, the TV pasts of the housemates are revealed

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The Big Brother cast for 2023 contains some people with previous TV experience. (ITV)

As Big Brother returned to TV after five years, you may think you have recognised some of the housemates – and you're right.

New host Will Best, who stars alongside AJ Odudu, promised the show would house people who were "real" and "authentic" – something that was widely praised online.

But did you recognise any of the housemates who have already got claims to fame?


Farida appears on Big Brother
Farida appeared on Blankety Blank and Come Dine With Me before her Big Brother stint.

Eagle-eyed viewers spotted Farida has already had a brush with fame. It has since come to light that the makeup artist has appeared on two TV shows, Blankety Blank and Come Dine With Me.

The Asian star, 50, from Wolverhampton, was only on TV a few weeks ago when she made an appearance on Blankety Blank.

This didn't go under the radar as many took to X, formerly known as Twitter to share their thoughts.

Among a sea of comments on social media, people wrote: "Wasn't Farida on Blankety Blank a couple of weeks back?"

"Is it me or was Farida just on Blankety Blank?"

"I knew Farida has been on TV she was in Blankety Blank 3 weeks ago!!"

"OMG Farida was on Blankety Blank the other week."

More viewers pointed out Farida appeared on Come Dine With Me and was convinced she would cook up a storm in the Big Brother house.

Among the viewers, some added on social media: "Farida was definitely on an episode of Come Dine With Me once?"

"Farida will do the cooking as she was on Come Dine With Me Wolverhampton."

"I remember Farida off Come Dine With Me."

Before heading into the Big Brother house, Farida said she feels Asian women and Asian culture is underrepresented on TV.

Embracing her headscarf with confidence, she said: "A lot of people think that wearing a headscarf might stop you from having opportunities, whereas for me, it’s been completely the opposite."


Dylan appears on Big Brother
Dylan has appeared on TV before Big Brother

Dylan was upfront about his first appearance on TV on chat show The Last Leg about amputees – with hosts Adam Hill, Josh Widdicombe and Alex Brooker.

The Coventry-based star, 39, revealed his appearance come two years before he lost his leg. He suffered a 2015 motorcycle accident that later led to the amputation.

Talking about joining the latest series of Big Brother he said: "I always like meeting new people and having new hurdles to jump as an amputee.

"It's going to be an interesting journey to see if I can do whatever we're asked without having any problems with staying on my leg for a certain amount of time and doing all the tasks."


Noky wears a classy white suit as she poses for Big Brother promotion picture
Noky is a beauty queen

Noky too already has some claims to fame as she was crowned the Miss Universe Great Britain 2022.

When she won, she said: "I can't even comprehend it. I'm still in shock. I literally fell to the floor. My knees buckled because I was in so much shock.

"It's the biggest prize you can win in pageantry in the UK. A year ago I would never have told you I could do that, it felt beyond my wildest dreams.

"In pageants this day and age, it's not just about being the prettiest face or walking well, you really have to have the whole package, and obviously beauty is in the eye of the beholder so how you look isn't really a factor, it's more what you can bring as the total package."

NMiss Great Britain, Noky Simbani walks onstage during the 71st Miss Universe preliminary competition
She was crowned the Miss Universe Great Britain 2022 (Getty)

Being a woman working in the male-dominated world of banking, the 26-year-old, from Derby, wants to show women are capable of anything they want.

Heading into the Big Brother house, she said: "I love challenges. I've had so many amazing times in my life, like going to Miss Universe as Miss Great Britain. I like to do something different and I think this is the next challenge I want to conquer.

"I want to show people what pageant girls are really like and disprove a lot of stereotypes around them. I also show what it’s like being a woman who's worked in male-dominated fields. I want to show that women are capable of doing anything they want."


Kerry appears on Big Brother
Kerry once won £35,000 on Deal or No Deal

Before Big Brother, Kerry won a cash prize on a reality TV show.

The NHS manager, who has multiple sclerosis, appeared on Deal or No Deal where she won a £35,000 cash prize.

The NHS manager admitted she only hasn’t applied to Big Brother before because the stairs to get into the house always seemed "unachievable", having spent the first three years of her illness in a wheelchair.

If she wins, she has set her heart on taking her whole family to see Mickey Mouse in Disneyland.

Big Brother continues Monday at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX

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