Big Brother airs Yinrun and Matty's hilarious song

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Big Brother reveals Yinrun and Matty's songShutterstock for Big Brother

Big Brother spoilers follow.

Big Brother has revealed Yinrun and Matty’s hilarious song as the group spent the day in the life of an ant.

Tonight's (October 23) episode saw the housemates dress as insects for the day, with the titular voice rebranding themselves as "Bug Brother".

With a variety of challenges taking place – of which the housemates had a varying level of engagement with – Yinrun and Matty welcomed their costumes and treated everybody to a tune from the perspective of an ant.

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"We are ants, we are tiny," they began as they sung in unison. "We are ants, we have big dreams. We are ants, we are mighty. We are ants, we work as a team. We are ants, we are everywhere. We are ants, we all belong."

Chanelle and Kerry applauded the pair as they finished their performance, with Kerry remarking that the song could be the new "national ant-them".

The housemates weren’t the only ones enamoured with Yinrun and Matty, with several fans on social media expressing their joy at the amusing moment.

"Yinrun & Matty's ant song whilst in the garden. We don’t deserve them. #BBUK #BigBrotherUK," wrote one fan on X, with another adding: "Yinrun and Matty's ant song was the cutest thing all season #BBUK."

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"MATTY and YINRUN are completely adorable for making up a cute ant song. This was amazing. How could you not love Yinrun. #BBUK #BigBrother #BigBrotherUK #BBMatty #BBYinrun," added another viewer.

Elsewhere in the episode, there was some friction between Chanelle and Trish as some smack talk threatened to boil over, whilst Paul and Olivia got into an argument about the seriousness of the challenges and outfits.

Big Brother airs Sundays to Fridays at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX. Each episode is followed by Big Brother Late & Live at 10pm on ITV2 and ITVX.

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