Big news: Applications are open for Love Is Blind UK season 2

Love is Blind UK announcement (Netflix)
Love Is Blind UK season 2: How to apply

Love Is Blind UK season one hasn't even dropped yet, but we're already looking ahead to a second season. Because yes, it's happening. Here's all the news and updates you need, from how to apply, to finding out who's hosting.

In case you need a reminder, Love Is Blind follows participants who enter into an experiment which sees them go on a series of speed dates. The only catch? They can't see the person they're dating; which hopefully encourages emotional connections to form, as oppose to basing your attraction on looks.

If a couple get engaged, they head on honeymoon, before moving in with each other for three weeks. At the end of this period is their wedding day, where they must say 'I do' or 'I don't' when asked if they want to marry their chosen person.

The format has already had six seasons over in the US, and is launching in the UK later this year. But what about a Love Is Blind UK season 2? Here's everything you need to know.

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How do you apply for Love Is Blind UK season 2?

While sneakily revealing details about season one, Netflix quietly dropped the news that Love Is Blind UK season 2 is happening. They wrote, "Season 1 is already underway, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t more to this love story. Casting for the new series, which will film later this year, is now open for UK residents over 18. Think you’d be a good fit? Click here to apply to the series. Who knows? Your soulmate could be waiting."

The application page then asks hopeful contestants to fill out a short form, which asks for their age, name, occupation and gender, as well as Instagram handle. Applications are currently open until the 14th July 2024."


Who will host Love Is Blind UK season 2?

It's hard to 100% confirm, because Netflix haven't officially said, but fans can expect Emma and Matt Willis to take the reins once more - much like Nick and Vanessa Lachey do each season in the US.

Sharing the happy news that they had signed on to present season one of Love Is Blind UK, Matt said: “I’m so excited to be presenting the UK version of Love Is Blind with Emma. We love the show! It's been such a dream working together and fascinating to watch the process unfold. Experiencing this new project side by side has been really amazing and I can’t wait for people to come on this journey with us.”

Emma added, “I love to play matchmaker with my friends and love LOVE so I am so excited to be co-hosting the first ever UK version of Love Is Blind. I’m intrigued to see people connect on a purely emotional and mental level right off the bat, without visuals playing a part. Plus – you’re getting double Willis! I’ve loved going to work with Matt and we’re both obsessed with the show, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity!”

What is Love Is Blind UK season 2's expected release date?

It's hard to know for sure, but fans can assume a late 2025 release date for Love Is Blind UK season 2. That's because casting is open until July 2024, which means filming won't begin until the end of the year earlier, and it seems that Netflix usually wait around a year after filming before releasing the series.

Love Is Blind UK season 1 will be released on Netflix later in 2024, though fans still don't know a specific date.

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