Bigg Market drinker smashed over head with glass bottle by attacker who made 'advances' to partner

Daniel Grieve
Daniel Grieve -Credit:Northumbria Police

A city centre drinker was hit over the head with a glass bottle after taking umbrage at his attacker's drunken advances towards his girlfriend.

Thug Daniel Grieve was in Popworld, in Newcastle's Bigg Market, last August when the attack happened. Omar Ahmad, prosecuting, told Newcastle Crown Court he was "heavily under the influence" when he made "unsolicited advances" towards women that the victim was in company with, including his partner, whose waist he put his hand around.

Mr Ahmad said: ""The complainant pushed him away and put the defendant on the floor. The defendant then retaliated by swinging his arm at the victim with a glass bottle in his hand, which connected with the back of his head.

"This caused numerous small lacerations to the right side of his face along with a sizeable bump and swelling. His partner also received cuts to her face from the shattered pieces of glass."

The man was taken to hospital, where he was found to have escaped with cuts and swelling which didn't require stitches. In a victim impact statement, he said the attack has had an enduring effect on his life.

He said: "I feel I'm vulnerable and helpless and I get scared when I hear loud noises. When we go out I have to sit with my back against the wall because I fear someone could attack me from behind again. If there's no such table there we will have to go back home.

"Every time I look at my partner's lovely face and see that little scar it reminds me what can happen and makes me feel anxious. I've also got a scar on my head and it's a reminder."

He branded what happened to him a "vicious, cowardly attack" and added: "I worry what Daniel Grieve is capable of doing to innocent members of the public."

Grieve, 30, of Copperfield Mount, Leeds, who has 24 previous convictions, pleaded guilty to unlawful wounding on the man and assault by beating on his partner. He was sentenced to 15 months suspended for two years and must pay a total of £1,200 compensation to the couple, do a "thinking skills programme" and be subject to an alcohol abstinence monitoring requirement for 90 days.

Judge Gavin Doig told him: "It's his good fortune and yours the injuries were not more serious than they were. But they were wounds and any person who wounds a person with a weapon can expect a prison sentence.

"It's been submitted this was an impulsive, isolated event. I accept you were pulled to the floor first and that caused you to overreact in the way you did. I can see your remorse for myself today while you sit in the dock."

Tony Cornberg, defending, said the attack was not unprovoked but added: "He should not have done it and that's why he pleaded guilty. He is remorseful and is thankful the injuries were not more serious."