Biggest survey since Brexit referendum shows Britain still wants to leave the EU

Most people in the UK now want Brexit, according to a new poll (Picture: AP)

The majority of British people support leaving the EU, according to the largest Brexit poll taken since the referendum three years ago.

The study revealed 54% would be happy if the country exited the European bloc.

Those people backed Brexit whether they voted yes or no in 2016, according to the ComRes/Channel 5 poll.

The study, which collected information from 26,000 voters, showed 50% were in favour of Brexit, while 42% wanted to remain.

The number changed to 54% in favour of Brexit when you excluded people who answered “don't know”.

The four possible answers to the question of “preferred outcome” were “the UK remaining in the EU”, “the UK leaving the EU with a withdrawal deal’, “the UK leaving the EU on a No Deal basis” and “don’t know”.

The full results can be viewed here.

Brexit supporters in favour of leaving the European Union protest opposite the Houses of Parliament in London (Picture: AP)

The British voters were divided over whether they supported the Prime Minister’s pledge to leave the EU on October 31 with or without a deal (43% support, 44% oppose and 13% don’t know).


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There was a significant split in different age groups.

Young people (18-34) were in favour of remain, a second referendum and not leaving the EU by Halloween.

The opposite was true for those aged over 55.

Meanwhile, the latest Westminster voting intention poll from YouGov for October 14 and 15 shows the Conservatives still have a strong lead with 37%.

Labour is in second with 22%, Liberal Democrats is third with 18%, Brexit Party is next with 11% and Greens have 5%.

Another poll revealed 43% of people thought Boris Johnson would make the best Prime Minister compared to 21% who preferred Jeremy Corbyn.

The results of the Brexit poll will be debated on Channel 5 on Wednesday night on Live Brexit Referendum: Do We Want No Deal?

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