Biker chose wrong car to overtake on the A470 in expensive mistake

Biker chose wrong car to overtake on A470
Biker chose wrong car to overtake on A470 -Credit:North Wales Police

A biker chose the wrong car to overtake while riding along the A470. The motorcyclist went across solid double white lines to perform the manoeuvre.

Unfortunately for him the car he overtook was an unmarked police vehicle. He ended up with a fine and could also face penalty points.

The biker was also given a given a ticket for an illegal number plate in what turned out to be an expensive mistake. North Wales Police posted an image from the incident from the Easter weekend.

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A spokesperson said: "This is exactly why we are so passionate about road safety. This motorcyclist overtook one of our unmarked police cars on solid double white lines on the A470 ( Dolgellau to Ganllwyd) on Easter weekend. The first weekend of our #OpDarwen campaign.

"After the biker, who was a local man, was stopped, he admitted to the officer that he was fully aware of the campaign and had read and seen our safety messages. Yet, he chose to ride in this way.

"Unfortunately for the rider, this reckless behaviour was caught on the police car camera. So he has chosen to accept his fate by way of a ticket where he's likely to receive penalty points on his licence. He also had an illegal number plate. So was issued a ticket for this as well.

"We make no apology for trying to reduce deaths and serious injuries on the roads of North Wales. We will continue in our efforts to urge riders and drivers to think about their behaviour and what changes they could make to improve their own safety and that of other road users.

"We often get complaints that it is car drivers who are at fault. Who is at fault on this occasion?"

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