Bill Bar warns against Trump second term: ‘He will deliver chaos’

Bill Barr has warned against Donald Trump getting a second term as president, warning that his former boss would “deliver chaos” to the country.

The former US attorney general slammed the favourite for the 2024 Republican nomination when he was asked by TV host Geraldo Rivera if Mr Trump was “fit” for office.

“If you believe in his policies, what he’s advertising as his policies, he’s the last person that could actually execute them and achieve them,” Mr Barr said at a City Club of Cleveland luncheon in Ohio on Friday.

Mr Barr said that the one-term president “does not have the discipline. He does not have the ability for strategic thinking and linear thinking or setting priorities, or how to get things done in the system.”

“It is a horror show when he’s left to his own devices,” the ex-attorney general added. “So, you may want his policies, but Trump will not deliver Trump policies. He will deliver chaos.”

And he said that the chaos would see Mr Trump’s policies set “much further back than they would otherwise be.”

Mr Barr, who has publicly chastised the former president since he left office, said last month that he viewed Mr Trump as a “weak” 2024 candidate, even though he would support him if he secured the GOP nomination.

“He’s already, I think, a weak candidate that would lose, but I think this sort of assures it,” Mr Barr told ABC’s This Week.