Billie Eilish says she 'should have a Ph.D. in masturbation': 'People should be jerking it, man'

Billie Eilish says she 'should have a Ph.D. in masturbation': 'People should be jerking it, man'

The singer also explained that self-love has been a 'huge, huge help' for her.

Billie Eilish thinks you should be jerking off more.

The 22-year-old singer said sex and masturbation are her way of decompressing during her hectic schedule as she preps for the May release of her third album, even going so far as to say she "should have a Ph.D. in masturbation."

"I basically talk about sex any time I possibly can," she told Rolling Stone in a new interview. "That’s literally my favorite topic."

Eilish continued, "My experience as a woman has been that [sex is] seen in such a weird way. People are so uncomfortable talking about it, and weirded out when women are very comfortable in their sexuality and communicative in it. I think it’s such a frowned-upon thing to talk about, and I think that should change."

The pop star added that masturbation is an "enormous, enormous part" of her life and "a huge, huge help" for her. "People should be jerking it, man. I can’t stress it enough, as somebody with extreme body issues and dysmorphia that I’ve had my entire life.”

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The Oscar-winning "What Was I Made For?" singer revealed that she's been able to push through those issues, at least in part, by pleasuring herself in front of the mirror — and she thinks others should lend themselves a hand as well. "Partly because it’s hot," she said, "but it also makes me have such a raw, deep connection to myself and my body, and have a love for my body that I have not really ever had."

Eilish didn't dive deeper into the positive effects of masturbation, but she has previously spoken out against pornography. “As a woman, I think porn is a disgrace,” Eilish told Howard Stern on his radio show in 2021. “I used to watch a lot of porn, to be honest. I started watching porn when I was like 11.” She also admitted that she started getting into increasingly violent porn. “I think it really destroyed my brain, and I feel incredibly devastated that I was exposed to so much porn," she said.

At the time, she lamented that porn "totally colors [people's] perception of what normal sexuality is supposed to look like, and it changes the way they think that they’re supposed to interact. They can begin seeing other people as sex objects as opposed to human beings."

Her ability to communicate the potential negative effects of her porn consumption while also espousing the many documented benefits of self-pleasure may be why she declared to Rolling Stone, "I should have a Ph.D. in masturbation."

The singer's upcoming third album, Hit Me Hard and Soft, has a sexual edge to it, and one song in particular — its second track, "Lunch" — has helped her "become who I am, to be real," she said.

"I wrote some of it before even doing anything with a girl, and then wrote the rest after," she explained. "I’ve been in love with girls for my whole life, but I just didn’t understand — until, last year, I realized I wanted my face in a vagina. I was never planning on talking about my sexuality ever, in a million years. It’s really frustrating to me that it came up [during a Variety interview in 2023]."

After she opened up about her attraction to women, Eilish lashed out at Variety on Instagram for asking her about it — even though she was willing to address it.

She now acknowledges she overreacted but says the emotions were real. "The whole world suddenly decided who I was, and I didn’t get to say anything or control any of it," she said. "I think that there’s a lot of wanting labels all over the place. Dude, I’ve known people that don’t know their sexuality, or feel comfortable with it, until they’re in their 40s, 50s, 60s. It takes a while to find yourself, and I think it’s really unfair the way that the internet bullies you into talking about who you are and what you are."

Hit Me Hard or Soft is out May 17.

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