Billy Joel defends Justin Timberlake following DWI arrest

NEW YORK — Billy Joel has warned against judging fellow musician Justin Timberlake over his DWI arrest on Long Island Tuesday.

“Judge not lest ye be judged,” the 75-year-old piano man told PIX11 News while grabbing a bite in Sag Harbor, where Timberlake was apprehended hours earlier.

Police pulled over the 43-year-old pop star six blocks from the American Hotel early Tuesday morning. Timberlake had been partying there, according to TMZ. It’s the same venue where Pix11 caught up with Joel Tuesday afternoon.

The “My Life” singer is no stranger to motor vehicle incidents on Long Island — or boozing. But he tends to keep the two separate.

In 2013, Joel spoke to New York Times Magazine about three car crashes he had over a two-year span while he was trying to curtail his drinking. He said that because he went to rehab around the time those crashes occurred, rumors that he was driving drunk took shape.

“People made a connection, like, ‘Oh, he went there because he was in a car accident from drinking.’ No,'” Joel said. “I never had a DUI in my life. … Look at the police records.”

Timberlake meanwhile has court appearance scheduled for July 26. He allegedly told police he only had “one martini” before getting behind the wheel of his 2025 gray BMW UT, but refused a sobriety test.

The Daily Beast confirmed Wednesday that Timberlake had at least one specialty martini that was “all alcohol” with no mixer during his ill-fated night out.