Birmingham Airport passengers say 'get there four hours early' amid 'brutal' scenes and delays

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A number of people say they have missed their flights due to 'chaos' at Birmingham Airport -Credit:Slawomir Adamczyk

Holidaymakers are urging others to get to Birmingham Airport hours before their flight amid ‘brutal’ scenes at security gates. A technical issue is said to have caused ‘chaos’ earlier this week but travellers have blamed ongoing refurbishment works for the delays.

Birmingham Airport has apologised for the issues caused by the technical problems but reminded passengers of the existing security restrictions.

Dozens of people have commented on the issues on social media. Andy Fulton said he had ‘never seen such a mess’, adding: “Over two and a half hours at security, missed flight as a result. Absolute shambles.”

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Theresa Bamford said: “We flew yesterday, utter, utter chaos. People who were boarding were being taken through fast track as queuing was so bad, allow at least three or four hours at the airport.”

Diana Brown was another passenger who missed her flight. She said: “It was shambolic last Friday. Missed our flight and then had to wait whilst they got our luggage of plane, therefore plane delayed take off and was still on the ground. Would have been much simpler to let us board and the flight take off on time.

“Many passengers in the same position. Ended up having to purchase another flight and hang around the airport all day - very bad organisation. Never been in queues like it, crushed in hall - lifts left empty and not allowed to get in them. Not allowed to get in lifts making it impossible to get to your flight desk and not allowed through priority boarding although no one was waiting to get through there. Children getting squashed and upset - shame on you Birmingham Airport.”

Emma Ridley said: “Was a mess in March, I can’t believe they’re not geared up by now, we almost missed flights. Passport control took hours.”

Shane O’Callaghan said: “Been advised to get there three hours early up to July time with security work.”

Many people advised others to arrive ‘at least three hours’ before their flight with some who are travelling soon admitting they are ‘dreading it’.

Adele Obrien said: “Came through the airport this morning, absolute carnage it was. Never in my life seen anything like it. And yes it is very much real, allow four hours at the airport if you want to catch your flight.”

But others said they hadn’t faced any issues. Allan Williams said: “We went from BHX in February and had no issues…arrived three hours early, I’d say it took 30 minutes to clear security.”

And Anna Cope said: “Came through Birmingham, checked in with Jet2 in five minutes, through security in 30 minutes. Only had one security lane open so would help if they had more but still happy to have got through in that time.”

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