Birmingham Police Rescue 2 From Burning Building After Suspected Arson Attack

Police in Birmingham, England, rescued two people from a burning building on Sunday, February 25, following a suspected arson attack.

West Midlands Police released bodycam footage that shows officers racing to the fire on Villa Road in the Birmingham neighborhood of Lozells.

Footage shows officers alert the fire brigade before they use a battering ram to break in the front door of an adjacent building and lead two occupants to safety.

In the clip, one officer can be heard repeatedly shouting, “Fire, get out!” as smoke fills the building.

Police said they checked another property above the fire, but no one was inside. West Midlands Police said investigators are treating the incident as arson. Credit: West Midlands Police via Storyful

Video transcript

- [INAUDIBLE] if you want to come over.

- [INAUDIBLE] with a [? ripsaw ?] [INAUDIBLE].


- Get down! Is someone in there, bro? [INAUDIBLE].

Come on. There's somebody up there.


- Go on. Go on. Go on.


- [INAUDIBLE] reporting, level two on the house fire that we're on.

- [INAUDIBLE] actually saw it.

- Yeah, bro.


- Yeah, go, go, go.

- Quick. It's [INAUDIBLE]. It's on.

- Ready.

- Yeah, go on.

- Got it.

- Go on.

- Get out. Get out. Everyone, get out. Get out.


- Go, go, go. Go, go, go. Everyone, fire! Get out!


- Fire! Get out! Everyone, get out!

Fire! Fire! Fire! Everyone out! Get out!