Ram raid gang who stole £200,000 in three month crime spreed jailed for 60 years

Will Taylor
News Reporter
Four members of the gang have been jailed for 60 years. (SWNS)

A ram raid gang that attacked a security guard and stole from a college have been jailed for a combined 60 years.

Larry Barnett, 33, Jamie Lambie, 43, Lee Barnett, 32, and Michael Dunleavy, 37, took about £200,000 during their three month crime spree across Birmingham and Solihull.

A bank, supermarkets and convenience stores were also targeted by the thieves, who would steal cars before ramming them into buildings, and tie straps to cashpoints before ripping them free of walls.

The men committed 14 offences during the three months, mostly targeting cashpoints, but they also stole around £40,000 worth of cigarettes. They stole a total of 13 vehicles in the spree, which started in March 2019.

Lee Barnett and Larry Barnett have been sentenced for their part in the gang's crimes. (SWNS)

The gang attacked a security guard in an incident where a cash box with £20,000 was stolen, took £2,000 from Solihull College after causing £20,000 of damage and hit a Co-op, a Tesco Express and a Morrisons in broad daylight.

A Nationwide bank in Shirley, West Midlands was also targeted, and a police car was rammed head on leaving two officers with minor injuries.

They then tried to launder the money at bookmakers in Shard End, Birmingham and Coventry.

Detective Sergeant Martin Kelly, of West Midlands Police, said: “The actions of this gang were shocking.

"Their behaviour was blatant, often spending long periods of time trying to steal cash machines with no care for the people around them.

"They had no regard for the law and were determined to do what they wanted with no thought about the consequences.

Jamie Lambie and Micheal Dunleavy were both given sentences. (SWNS)
A still from CCTV footage of one of the gang's ram raids. (SWNS)

“They also used unnecessary levels of violence towards various security guards and staff members and also rammed a police car head on in an effort to evade us.

“Their crime spree also left a trail of destruction, with damage thought to be in the region of £200,000.

Four members of the gang were jailed at Birmingham Crown Court on Thursday.

Barnett, of Stechford, Birmingham, was jailed for 21 years while Lambie, of Smith's Wood, Birmingham, was given a 19 year sentence.

Barnett, of Shard End, Birmingham, was sentenced to 12 years behind bars and Dunleavy, of Balsall Common, Birmingham, was jailed for nine years.

Seven other men were also convicted of being part of the gang and will be sentenced for their involvement next month.

Body-cam footage of a ram raider being arerested in Hollywood, Worcestershire. (SWNS)

The gang’s spree came to an end when investigators identified the men after the strapping they used was traced to a local supplier.

Similar strapping had been sold two days prior and CCTV led officers to Larry Barnett.

“Thanks to great police work, we were able to build up a detailed picture of the gang, their vehicles and movements,” DS Kelly added.

"We even seized CCTV from Larry Barnett’s own house showing him and others trying to work out how to use a power tool that we know was used in one of their crimes.

“We continue to work with the cash machine industry to help increase security awareness to reduce the risk of them being targeting by criminals in this way in the future.

“I hope their lengthy prison time will be of some comfort to those people affected by their wild three-month crime spree.

"These dangerous offenders are now off the streets and being punished for their actions."