What is the birthstone for March? There's actually 2. Get to know the spring month's gems.

From St. Patrick's Day to Easter to the first day of spring, March hosts many celebrations throughout its 31 days.

March babies can bear one of two astrological signs: Pisces (born between March 1-20) or Aries (March 21-31). Two varieties of daffodil flowers also represent those born in March.

Each month has at least one gemstone. So, what about March's birthstone? It has two. Here's what to know about March birthstones, including their colors and symbolism.

March birthstone

Aquamarine and bloodstone are the two birthstones for March.

Aquamarine is a variety of beryl that ranges from pale blue to light green. The stone's name derives from the Latin "aqua" and "marina," meaning "seawater," according to the American Gem Society. Some faceted, or cut, aquamarines can be as clear as water.

This is not the only connection the gem has to the sea. Mariners once believed aquamarine could calm waves and protect sailors during their aquatic voyages, the Geological Institute of America reports.

The world's largest faceted aquamarine can be found at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. The Dom Pedro aquamarine weighs approximately 4.6 pounds and was cut from a 100-pound stone in the late 1980s, Smithsonian Magazine reports.

The second largest cut of aquamarine belonged to former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. She was gifted the 1,298-carat, 2.86-pound gem by Brazilian president Getúlio Vargas in 1936, according to the International Gem Society. It is currently on display at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library in Hyde Park, New York.

Minas Gerais in Brazil has been a major producer of aquamarine for the last two centuries, the Geological Institute of America reports. Other mining spots include Pakistan, Madagascar, Myanmar, Ukraine, Colorado and California.

Aquamarine is believed to symbolize "purity of spirit and soul." It is said to bring happiness in marriage, according to the Geological Institute of America, and is a traditional gift for the nineteenth wedding anniversary.

A 4k aquamarine ring with 2K in diamonds.
A 4k aquamarine ring with 2K in diamonds.

Bloodstone is a variety of chalcedony, usually dark green with splotches of red hematite. The stone comes in two forms: transparent or opaque.

The name "bloodstone" has religious origins, with some believing the gem's pattern represents the blood of Jesus Christ, the Geological Institute of America reports. Its alternate name "heliotrope" derives from the ancient Greek for "to turn the sun." It was believed the stone, when placed in water, could turn the sun red, according to the American Gem Society.

Throughout history, bloodstone was associated with the Roman god of war, Mars. So, it is natural that the stone came to represent March, the month named after the god, the International Gem Society reports.

It was also believed that bloodstone would bring strength and health to those who wear it. Some see the birthstone as a good luck charm, according to the Geological Institute of America.

India is a prime source of bloodstone, but it can also be found in Brazil, Australia, China and the U.S., the Geological Institute of America reports.

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