Bisexuals rejoice: Kristen Stewart and Oscar Isaac to star in vampire film together!

Kristen Stewart and Oscar Isaac are starring as a married couple in the upcoming vampire movie The Flesh of the Gods
Kristen Stewart and Oscar Isaac are starring as a married couple in the upcoming vampire movie The Flesh of the Gods

Bisexuals are winning today!

If, like us, you've been lusting after Kristen Stewart and Oscar Isaac, you're in luck because the two are making your bisexual fantasy come true by starring opposite each other in Flesh of the Gods, an upcoming vampire film from director Panos Cosmatos.

More than a decade after Stewart took Hollywood by storm playing Bella Swan, she's signed on to star in her first vampire movie since Twilight. In it, married couple Alex (Stewart) and Raoul (Issac) live in a luxury skyscraper but leave every night to explore a "glittering '80s LA," according to the official synopsis. "When they cross paths with the mysterious and enigmatic Nameless and her hard-partying cabal, Raoul and Alex are seduced into a glamorous, surrealistic world of hedonism, thrills, and violence."

Stewart notoriously hated making the Twilight series, so fans quickly pointed out that the upcoming film must be good if the Love Lies Bleeding star agreed to be in another vampire flick.

Other fans were psyched that two of the hottest actors in Hollywood were going to be in the same movie, with one person writing on X, "to quote Ayo Edibiri 'I'm simply too seated,'" while another person claimed the Flesh of the Gods is going to become their whole personality. Same.

The new film was penned by acclaimed Se7en screenwriter Andrew Kevin Walker and directed by Cosmatos, who is best known for his surrealistic horror movie Mandy.

"Like Los Angeles itself Flesh of the Gods inhabits the liminal realm between fantasy and nightmare," the director in a statement, Variety reports. "Both propulsive and hypnotic, Flesh will take you on a hot rod joy ride deep into the glittering heart of hell."

Producer Adam McKay added, "This director, this writer, these incredible actors, vampires, choice '80s punk, style and attitude for miles… that's the film we're bringing you today. We think it's wildly commercial and wildly artful. Our ambitions are to make a movie that ripples through popular culture, fashion, music and film. Can you tell how excited I am?"

We've heard everything we need to hear; take our ticket money now!

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