Bizarre reason Kate Middleton doesn't eat square sandwiches

They can be sliced into triangles, quarters and halves - most of us like to eat our sandwiches one way or the other. It seems that even the Royal Family, including Catherine, Princess of Wales, eat their butties in a particular way.

Former royal chef Graham Newbould said members of the Royal Family never pick up a square sandwich. But their strange habit of steering clear of square-shaped butties might not be down to choice but more an old-age tradition.

It is reportedly linked to a superstition, passed down generations, which claims that the person serving the food could be attempting to overthrow the monarchy. Mr Newbould revealed how he never once prepared square sandwiches for the late Queen Elizabeth.

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Instead, she reportedly tucked into 'jam penny' sandwiches as part of her afternoon tea. In the documentary Secrets of the Royal Kitchen, Graham said: "The royals never have square sandwiches because tradition has it that anyone presenting them with pointed-edged food is trying to overthrow the throne of England."

The former royal chef worked at Buckingham Palace for two years and at Kensington Palace for six years, The Sun reports. It is also believed that Queen Victoria's husband Prince Albert followed the same superstition as he thought eating coffin-shaped food was unlucky.

But it is not the only strange food habit Kate Middleton follows. She is also banned from enjoying one type of food while travelling.

The late Queen Elizabeth implemented a strict set of rules for all members of the Royal Family to follow when abroad. Eating shellfish is at the top of the list due to its risk of food poisoning.

British etiquette expert Grant Harrold told Woman & Home magazine: "It's a very sensible move to abandon having seafood when out and about on public duties. We don’t want a member of the Royal Family having a serious reaction to food poisoning.

"Especially if she is on an overseas tour." Carbs are banned too as the late Queen was reportedly not a fan of pasta or potatoes.

Foie Gras is thought to be off the list too as the then-Prince Charles banned it due to animal welfare worries in 2008. King Charles is now thought to be quite fussy at breakfast time.

Former royal chef Darren McGrady told Delish: "He normally starts the day with some fruit for breakfast, often some plums from the garden that have been lightly poached. A little juice and some muesli to go with it."

Royal Chef Graham Newbould also revealed: "Wherever the Prince goes in the world, the breakfast box goes with him. He has six different types of honey, some special mueslis, his dried fruit and anything that's a bit special that he is a bit fussy about."